Monday, August 04, 2014

A Police Officer Doing More Than Just Getting Out Of His Car

IMPD officers recently started a campaign that has gone national vowing to always get out of their cars after the family of a man accused of slaying IMPD Officer Perry Renn suggested nobody would have gotten hurt if the police officer had stayed in his car. WRTV has a different kind of story about an IMPD officer who took it upon himself to acquire and train a dog that has become a valuable resource for law enforcement in helping find missing persons. Sgt. William Carter's bloodhound, Grace, helped successfully track down a missing four year-old boy with autism in Hancock County over the weekend who was had gotten lost in a cornfield after wandering away from his home. Grace has helped track missing toddlers and elderly persons for several years now. Sgt. Carter receives no additional compensation for the 16 hours a month he spends training Grace. Some of you may recognize Sgt. Carter as the officer who does yeoman's work helping to protect the public from problem liquor license holders.

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