Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sheriff John Layton's Incompetence Leads To Two More Inmates Being Mistakenly Released

It was just a week ago that the Marion County Sheriff's Department mistakenly released two inmates from the county jail. Now officials working for Sheriff John Layton have admitted that two more inmates have been mistakenly released. Sasha Chiclana was mistakenly released on Sunday, while Christopher Robinson was let go on Monday. Layton's staff is blaming a new software system for the mistakes according to WRTV. "As with other large-scale software conversions, issues are being addressed immediately by the appropriate entities once they are identified," Carlson wrote in a statement to the media. Perhaps if Sheriff Layton made an effort to hire competent employees instead of political hacks looking to fill make-work jobs, he wouldn't have such an incompetent and grossly inefficient department. Somehow his office manages to spend more money than it did prior to the merger with IMPD when officers performing policing duties in the unincorporated areas were merged into the consolidated police department.

UPDATE: An interested reader notes that Sheriff Layton is hiring civilian personnel for security positions at the city-county building, including the staffing of metal detectors. Some employees appear to be high school graduates without any formal law enforcement training. The reader is concerned that someone is going to get hurt if more care isn't taken in staffing these positions.


C. Roger Csee said...

Yeah, but they have hundreds of really cool, fully marked and equipped cars!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don't forget the really cool motorcycles.

Anonymous said...

Roger has a valid point: Why are there so many marked Sheriff cars around, and some making traffic stops? They are supposed to guard the jail, court, and serve tax warrants, check on sex offenders, serve civil process and maybe serve a few criminal warrants. They don't need so many cars, and since they perform no emergency function, do NOT need take-home cars at all. In fact, why do they have flashing lights and sirens at a substantial expense to taxpayers? They don't need to put on the flashing lights to see if a sex offender is living where he registered or to serve civil court papers/evictions.