Monday, June 23, 2014

Iraqi Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein To Death Captured And Executed By ISIS

Judge: Raouf Abdul Rahman who sentenced former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to death has reportedly been captured and executed by ISIS militants
The judge who presided over the trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and sentenced him to death was reportedly captured by ISIS insurgents last week. The Daily Mail is now reporting that Judge Raouf Abdul Rahman has been executed. Judge Rahman had reportedly tried to escape Baghdad dressed in a dancer's uniform. A target had been placed on his head by Sunni Muslims after the botched manner in which Hussein's execution was carried out and videotaped by Shi-ite Muslims. Fearing for his life, Judge Rahman had reportedly filed an asylum claim with Great Britain in 2007, a claim that was denied by the Iraqi High Criminal Court Tribunal.


Anonymous said...

I guess that judge forgot to tell ISIS that he had absolute immunity for actions committed in his official capacity on the bench?

This is hilarious and a very good lesson for every judge, cop, prosecutor, jailer, CPS worker, regulator, code enforcement officer, etc. When you trample people's rights, they might remember your name if the governing winds change.

If it ever falls apart in America, how many paybacks have our government agents earned?

As this judge found out, one day, you're living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, with nice cars, that you got from your fat tax-fed salary that you got from screwing over everyone in the country. And the next day, you're a rotting corpse hanging from a gallows that the coup is leaving up for a few days to serve as an example to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Several people have commented to me about this dead judge story in “private”, so let me just say here that no lawyers are going to tell dead judge jokes on your blog because of the cold winds blowing over free speech after the Ogden sanction. Nevertheless, several friends have suggested to me that Paul may have a short list of judges that he privately wishes dead, and apparently so does just about everybody else in Indiana that’s being honest. I suspect every judge in this state could drop dead tomorrow and it would upset our citizenry very little. I can’t think of another group more reviled and disrespected.

Gary R. Welsh said...

You're mischaracterizing Paul's views, anon. 1:38. Paul's criticism was always directed at the initiation of the charge against him by the disciplinary commission, not judges in general. In fact, no judge ever filed a formal complaint against Paul.

And anon. 10:35, there's nothing hilarious about the judge's execution by ISIS. This was a man born in the Kurdish region of Iraq who lost several of his family members when Hussein used chemical weapons on the people living in that region, an atrocity that could have been prevented by the U.S. government had we taken more care in our previous decades of dealing with him after we helped bring him to power to ensure that he never possessed such weapons.

Nick said...

Anon 10:35, you're twisted.

Anonymous said...

Gary, if he was that close to the facts of the case, he couldn't have been an impartial adjudicator, and he shouldn't have presided over Saddam's "trial." This is as impartial as our half century practice of handing German soldiers over to the Israeli government.

In a darkly comedic sense, this is hilarious. It demonstrates an absolute failure of necocon nation-building arrogance; it effectively reverses the ruling rendered in the Bush sham trial, and it publicly punctures the aura of judicial personal invincibility.

Nick, you can call it "twisted," but this is exactly how things frequently go down all around the world. Power transitions elsewhere often don't occur in the orderly North American fashion.

Gary R. Welsh said...

This guy wasn't even the original judge. The original judge was showing so much partiality towards Hussein that the U.S. government pressured the Iraqi's to replace him out of concern that prosecution of the case was being compromised. There was no evidence he acted in anything but an impartial manner. The blow up in the case happened when the Shi-ites carried out Hussein's unscheduled execution in a vigilante-like fashion that was recorded and only served to anger the country's Sunni population. The U.S. occupiers permitted that debacle to occur, and then offered little or no protection to the judge when threats started to be made on his life, as well as many other government leaders who were executed in the post-Hussein era.

RhondaLeeBaby69 said...

Anon 11:43:
You're an idiot. Only someone with an IQ less than 25 would be against such things as:
living within walking range of stores
living within bicycling range of stores

Are you against apple pie, too?

Anonymous said...

Rhonda got her Agenda 21 brainwashing down good.

What's the matter, exposing Agenda 21 not good for the IDI folks, thieving TIFs and stealing all the tax dollars for those stupid stack 'em and pack 'em downtown developments?

"Sustainability" showed up around the late 80's when the Soviet Union was on the way down, and the hard left needed a new publicly safe term for Communism.

Act like an American. Spread out. Take your car to the store.

Pete Boggs said...

Anon 11:43 introduces a viable topic for specific focus when GW has time.

Agen-damned 21 is a comic book fantasied, one whirled scheme; a dystopian disconnect from natural interests of those beyond a few self styled "elites." One problem is this bilder-burger comes with government cheese; sponsored by networked glow-ball "elites."

Comic Corpse is but one Agen-duh 21 "education" scheme. A broad, future expose would be useful.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Buthaina Neveln for at least the last two years, has been arguing that Saddam Hussein was not an evil man or guilty of most of what he was accused at trial, in fact, was a protector of the people of Iraq. You can listen to her June 22 interview on the Spingola Speaks Showe, re current events in Iraq, and what she refers to as staged propaganda videos.

Anonymous said...


I think Ballard is running Agenda 21, whether or not he knows the name of it.

I think much of downtown Indy's development and the emphasis of downtown Indy over all other areas of the City is Agenda 21. All those stupid bike "trails" painted on the streets is Agenda 21. Turning drive laves into "trails" is Agenda 21. Utterly destroying Broad Ripple Avenue is definitely Agenda 21.

Ballard's war on driving and not making streets a priority is Agenda 21. Letting the streets rot with potholes is consistent with Agenda 21.