Monday, June 02, 2014

Indiana Not Interested In Preventing Rapes In Prisons

Indiana becomes just one of seven states in the country that will not comply with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. As a consequence, the state will forego some federal grant money from the Department of Justice, but the Pence administration claims it is just too costly to implement, more than the federal funding the state will lose. From the Indianapolis Star:
In a letter to Eric Holder, Pence said complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act “would require the redirection of millions of tax dollars currently supporting other critical needs for Indiana.”
Indiana is one of seven states to tell the Department of Justice that it will not follow federal guidelines designed to reduce prison rape and sexual abuse. The law was passed in 2003, and governors had a May 15 deadline to inform the Justice Department whether they were in compliance or planned to be.
Indiana Department of Correction spokesman Doug Garrison said it would cost the state $15 million to $20 million a year to follow the guidelines, mostly because they require hiring more staff.
He said the DOC already has put many rape prevention measures in place on its own, including a rape complaint coordinator in every prison.
Pence, in his letter, said meeting the federal mandate wasn’t feasible.
“Many additional staff would need to be hired, additional equipment installed, and resources put in place,” he wrote.
All seven states refusing to comply with the federal law have Republican governors, including Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, Texas and Utah, in addition to Indiana. Interestingly, the federal law passed the House of Representatives in 2003 without a dissenting vote when Pence was still a member of Congress. 


Flogger said...

You can be sure if the Pacers or Colts needed an extra $20M a year Pence would be carrying the water for them.

karma09 said...

Wow, haven't we learned by now that a federal program, any federal program, will basically accomplish the exact opposite of it's claimed purpose? If only all states, under all circumstances, told the Feds to stick it when they come along claiming to want to help out, we'd all be better off. I totally agree w/ Flogger, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean bowing to the federal masters is ever the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely makes sense, rape being a beloved pastime of Mr. Penice.

MikeC said...

How does the federal law and money (paid to whom?) prevent prison rapes?