Friday, June 06, 2014

Controversy Erupts Over Hotel Room Keys At GOP Convention Promoting Wayne Seybold's Campaign

Indiana State Republican delegates checking in at a convention hotel adjacent to the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne where this year's state convention is being held this weekend are being handed a room key that doubles as an advertisement for Wayne Seybold's campaign to be the party's state treasurer nominee. Clever marketing indeed. But Harrison County GOP Chairman Scott Fluhr ponders on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, "Is this really appropriate?" Fluhr continued, "I agree it's clever (if probably useless) but the convention hotel and staff?" It must tell us that billionaire Dean White's White Lodging and the Indiana State GOP staff is backing Seybold's candidacy over his two opponents, Don Bates and Kelly Mitchell. Hopefully, they'll conduct voting in the race more fairly.

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