Thursday, June 05, 2014

St. Joseph Co. Deputy Prosecutor Resigns Following Drug Arrest In Ohio

A 44-year old deputy prosecutor in the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office, John Rulli, has resigned following his arrest in a suburban community near Columbus, Ohio on drug charges last weekend according to a police report obtained by Fox 28 News. A Shawnee Hills Police officer was on patrol when he noticed Rulli and another man in a lightly wooded area preparing to urinate. When the police officer approached the men, they attempted to flee. One of the men identified as Rulli tossed something into the woods before stopping. The police officer asked Rulli what he threw and he replied, "marijuana and a one hitter. " Police recovered a brown wooden box containing marijuana and a pipe with marijuana residue. Rulli told police that the items belonged to the other man, but the police officer's report claimed it was Rulli who threw them into the woods. Police charged him with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Rulli identified himself to the arresting police officer as a deputy prosecutor with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Officer in town for a golf tournament.


Anonymous said...

John is actually a decent person,
who apparently made a very stupid mistake. His future now becomes a question mark.

Anonymous said...

He may be a decent person, but what he did was not a "mistake."

He was sworn to uphold the laws. In a plain, conscious, unjustifiable disregard for the laws he chose to acquire illegal drugs and paraphernalia, then to flee from the officer. I'd call it an intentional breach of his oath of office.

"A person, before proceeding to discharge the duties of an attorney, shall take an oath to:
(1) support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Indiana; and
(2) faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of an attorney at law.
(b) The oath taken under subsection (a) must be entered in the order book of the court."