Monday, June 23, 2014

Curry Accepts State Police Cover Up Of ROC Corruption, Proving Once Again What A Useless Prosecutor He Is

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry ran for prosecutor in 2010 promising to make prosecution of public corruption cases one of his top priorities. After taking office in January 2011, he has yet to stop peddling backwards on that promise, proving himself as inept as Carl Brizzi on that score. People figured out right away that his public corruption helpline was only set up to identify whistle blowers so they could be appropriately punished. Everyone knows that Curry essentially washed his hands of this investigating the day he asked the Indiana State Police, which is administered by Greg Ballard's good friend, to assume responsibility for the investigation.. The ISP, which is only interested in prosecuting government whistle blowers, lived up to its reputation and so has Terry Curry. The ISP's non-investigation of the corrupt ROC deal is good enough for Curry according to Fox 59 News' Russ McQuaid:
Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry told Fox 59 News that his office will not file any criminal charges related to the controversial 25-year lease of the Regional Operations Center on Indianapolis’ east side. 
“It was not our role to determine if it was a one-sided lease or the terms were inappropriate,” said Curry. Last December the prosecutor asked Indiana State Troopers to examine the $18 million bargain for a combination command center/IMPD headquarters that opened in time for the 2012 Super Bowl despite major workmanship flaws and fire safety hazards. 
Curry said detectives told him they examined enough evidence and interviewed enough witnesses to determine there was no crime in the agreement . . . 
Curry asked troopers to examine the negotiation, execution and performance of the lease. A number of sources have indicated to Fox 59 News that it is not illegal to sign an ill-advised faulty lease and take possession of a command center that is not yet completed and contains several design, workmanship and safety problems.
Yeah, Russ, that's the answer you get when you only talk to people who provide the answers you want to hear. It doesn't even sound like Curry bothered to put anyone under oath in front of a grand jury. He just took the word of ISP detectives that their work was adequate. Once again, I would extend an open invitation to all of the corrupt pols up in Chicago to relocate to Indianapolis where you can steal and plunder from the taxpayers as much as your heart desires as long as you're stuffing money in the right people's pockets. You will never have to fear prosecution from either the federal or state prosecutors here. Hell, the media will even pat you on the back and tell the public what great civic leaders you are while you're stealing the public's money after bribing our public officials.


Anonymous said...

Now we need the Feds to enter this. The Public Integrity Section of the DOJ must take over.

Nepotism: Who got the contracts for The ROC? Were they relatives of cronies? -Check it out!

Multi-Million Dollar Contracts without Corporation Counsel review? That is a prima facie indicator that something is wrong.

Firing the Corporation Counsel's Attorney assigned because the contract was bad, then signing it?????

Follow the money! -Explain the unusual fast switch of the deed.

This stinks of corruption, and The ISP investigating is a joke! They deal with traffic violations, when did anyone ever hear of ISP investigating a major corruption scandal with big financial transactions and "missing" documents???? -NEVER! -that I can recall

Anonymous said...

The building still looks horrible. They can’t even seem to keep white paint on it. They need some kind of government grant. Half a dozen federal agencies keep offices in there, from Homeland Security to ATF. I don’t know why they can’t upgrade the exterior. I’ve even asked Andre Carson to intervene and bring home a little bacon so we can clean up this eyesore and help this area, which is really very active, but perhaps there aren’t enough black people in Eastgate to warrant his interest. An interest, I might add, that extends to the most bizarre projects supported by Congress, while the infrastructure in his home district crumbles. And Coats can’t even name the counties in this State. He’s obviously never been to the regional operations center or he’d be embarrassed to have it in his State in its current form. They don’t have any buildings that look like that in the D.C. beltway housing federal law enforcement. I guess he figures its good enough for Indiana. The guy will probably go back to whatever state he came from after he’s done “representing” us.

Gary R. Welsh said...

They were supposedly using some federal money for the project according to Straub's e-mails that can be found on the city council's website. That includes the e-mails where Ben Hunter and Mary Moriarty Adams are heard whining about a delay by their fellow councilors in approving the ROC lease because there were too many unanswered questions as they were collecting campaign contributions from the owners of Eastgate Mall. It was clear that Adams didn't have a clue what the project entailed when you read her e-mails, even though she was whole-heartedly supporting it.

Anonymous said...

I know that there were FBI, ATF and Homeland Security in there during the Super Bowl

L Truth said...

Ben Hunter accepting campaign contributions (bribes) is no different than Lincoln Plowman accepting contributions for using his influence to get an adult night club licensed downtown Indy...Ben hunter used his influence for money. How is this not a crime?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16 I bet there were also plumbers, construction workers, firemen, and caterers in there during the Super Bowl. What's your point?