Thursday, June 05, 2014

Mishawaka Doctor Accused Of Trading Drugs For Sex

A family practitioner in Mishawaka has been charged by the St. Joseph Co. Prosecutor's Office with two counts of dealing in controlled substances according to the South Bend Tribune. Dr. Charles Myers, 65, is accused of writing more than 100 prescriptions over a several year period for oxycodone, Adderal, methadone and other drugs in exchange for sex with a woman to whom he had previously paid nearly $10,000 for sex. Myers' 30-year old daughter and office manager, Autumn Myers, is also charged with one count of dealing in controlled substances.

An investigation was launched against Myers after the woman's sister was accused of doctor shopping by her doctor's office when she attempted to refill a prescription to treat her attention deficit disorder. She later learned that Dr. Myers was writing prescriptions in her name that her sister was filling. The Tribune reports that the charges were brought as part of a joint investigation of state and city police, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Unit. Do you think there is any investigation of how Jimmy "The Pill Popper" Irsay has been getting his hands on so many controlled substances all of these years to feed his addiction?


Pete Boggs said...

There are committees within the state's GA, chalked full of... elected "representatives," who've known for years (!!!) & ignore (dereliction) medicaid fraud in this state; accepted to be in the $300M-$500M range. Aren't those responsible, who also ignore oversight, part of the problem?

It's a staggering amount of money the state prefers to take from citizens rather than recover or pursue; for what must be political reasons... Ain't we lucky?

Anonymous said...

Another instance of a bad law on top of a bad law. Why not make it legal for him to trade money for sex? Why not make it legal for people to get whatever drugs they desire?

Indy Rob said...

It might be interesting to follow up on the documents provided by Irsay's lawyer; I am sure that these documents included the original prescriptions for all of the pills, the question would be whether they match pharmacy records, and whether or not the Rx's actually can be verified to be written on the dates specified.

Flogger said...

Anything on Irsay will probably be redacted or lost. Within minutes of Irsay's being stopped by the Police the cell phones were probably ringing non-stop among the 1% to find a way to spin the situation.

There maybe a standard template for handling problems with the law the 1% encounter.

Anonymous said...

truing drugs for sex - aka high school