Friday, June 13, 2014

Kravitz Not Sure Irsay Is Sorry For Bringing Shame To Colts Organization

Earlier this week, Star sports columnist had a much too sympathetic column after sitting down for an interview with Colts owner Jim Irsay where the two seemed to have virtually no conversation about his arrest last March for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of controlled substances. In that interview, Irsay explained that carrying more than $29,000 in cash on him stuffed in brief cases and laundry bags was nothing out of the ordinary for a man "known for his generosity." Today, Kravitz follows up with a second column where he provides his readers the straight talk they expect from him and he's much less charitable in his assessment of Irsay.

Kravitz now says that he was turned off by Irsay's reluctance to apologize for his arrest last March much less discuss it in any detail and isn't convinced that he's turned the corner on a drug addiction problem he's battled most of his adult life. "At the very least, though, he put the Colts and the NFL in an unfavorable light, Kravitz writes. "He sullied The Shield, as it were. He made the wrong kind of news for a league that is very proprietary about its image, which seems to take hits every other day. Isn't that worth at least a modicum of contrition? Anything? Something?"

Kravitz was also bothered by Irsay's admission that he is still being prescribed pain killers by his doctors to deal with his back problems. "To the extent I know anything about the 12-step program, it's always seemed to me that they want recovering addicts to stay off all mind-altering substances and to do so every day for the rest of their lives," Kravitz writes. "They don't tell recovering alcoholics it's OK to have a couple of beers after a tough day at work. It's no alcohol. None. Total sobriety." Kravitz was also turned off by Irsay's insistence that he was firmly in charge of his team, not his daughters, despite his admission that he was receiving drug rehab treatment. Kravitz thought he should be more concerned about getting well than what's going on with his team. On that point, Kravitz says he can't say that Irsay is doing "okay" based on his two-and-a-half hours meeting with him.


Flogger said...

What do you expect Kravitz?? Did you think Irsay was going to be in sack cloth and ashes. Did you expect him to be repentant?? Did you think you were going to play the role of priest??

Irsay was born with a Golden Spoon in his mouth. The 1% receives preferential treatment at all levels. The Press in this town has spent decades with their brains in the off position, when it comes to Professional Sports.

The words and concepts of Crony-Capitalism and Corporate Welfare as respects to Professional Sports are forbidden thoughts and ideas to our Corporate Mega-McMedia.

Anonymous said...

Irsay's arrogance is apparent and appalling. Nothing will happen to this money grubbing loud mouth while his player is suspended for wanting to have a child. I will NEVER be a fan of this guy.