Saturday, June 07, 2014

IMPD Officer Arrested For Drunk Driving

Bryan Neal
A ten-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Bryan Neal, has been arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated after he showed up for roll call drunk. According to Fox 59 News, Neal had told his sergeant that he was helping a stranded motorist before he showed up for roll call at the Fountain Square southeast district headquarters visibly under the influence of alcohol. Members of the fatal alcohol crime team and special investigative unit were called to investigate. When they tested Officer Neal's blood alcohol level, they found it tested 0.21, or nearly three times the legal limit. “It breaks my heart,” one officer told Fox 59 News, “that a young guy like this is going to lose his career over this mistake.” Interestingly, I received a tip early this morning of Officer Neal's arrest. Public Information Officer Kendale Adams refused to take my call or respond to my voice mail message asking for confirmation of his arrest. This is the second time IMPD has refused to provide information to me about an arrest and then promptly provided the same information to Fox 59 News after I inquired about it. In the rush to get the story online, Fox 59 misspelled the officer's name. Adams also told WRTV that an officer had been suspended without pay following his arrest last night but did not release his name to the reporter. "The facts of allegations remain under an internal affairs investigation of which will not be discussed until its conclusion," Adams said. Officer Neal was awarded a certificate of commendation from the department just this past year.

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Anonymous said...

“It breaks my heart,” one officer told Fox 59 News, “that a young guy like this is going to lose his career over this mistake.”


I am just happy he didn't kill any innocent person by hitting them in his car!