Monday, November 11, 2013

John Kerry Becomes Kennedy Assassination Conspiracist With A Purpose

The Vanderbilt trust fund baby who plays a news anchor on CNN discusses recent comments Secretary of State John Kerry made during an interview with Tom Brokaw in which he says for the first time in his public career that he doesn't think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy. Kerry thinks the Warren Commission failed to pursue Cuban and Russian links to Kennedy's assassination. Cooper has a chat about Kerry's view with presidential historian Douglas Brinkley and Philip Shenon, who coincidentally has authored a new book, "A Cruel and Shocking Act," in which he makes the case that there was a Cuban conspiracy behind the assassination of Kennedy.

Here's something these mainstream media mucks will never tell you. John Kerry, like his father, Richard Kerry, has worked as an American intelligence officer most of his adult life. Like Anderson Cooper, Kerry began his work for the CIA when he was studying at Yale. The so-called presidential historian that Cooper interviews in this piece, Douglas Brinkley, is the man who wrote, "Tour of Duty," a fictitious account of Kerry's war service in Vietnam that was thoroughly discredited by Jerome Corsi's "Unfit for Command." To Shenon's credit, he thoroughly discredits the Warren Commission report in his book, which isn't a difficult task for a person of average intelligence, by focusing on the destruction of key evidence by persons involved in the investigation almost from the moment Kennedy died in Dallas. Unfortunately, he spends a good part of the book spinning this yarn about a Cuban connection while ignoring the overwhelming evidence produced by legitimate researchers proving that Oswald worked as a double agent for the CIA.

Those of us who are capable of thinking for ourselves and don't buy the bullshit lies that the federal government has been feeding the public for the past 50 years know who was responsible for Kennedy's assassination-- rogue forces within our own government. The Oswald was a communist with ties to Russia and Cuba meme has always been a head fake from day one. Johnson and the deranged FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover contrived this conspiracy to convince Chief Justice Earl Warren of his need to chair the kangaroo court that would become known as the Warren Commission supposedly out of the necessity of  protecting the country from a nuclear war with Russia. If you listen to Johnson's phone conversation ordering Georgia Sen. Richard Russell (D) below to serve on the commission, you hear Johnson tell Russell that Hoover has already written the report only days after the assassination, and that it would simply be his job as a member of the commission to rubber stamp Hoover's conclusions.

Johnson was a thug who shot his way into the White House. He knew Robert Kennedy had his balls in a vice with his corruption investigation of his long-time aide, Bobby Baker, and that the decision had already been made by Kennedy to dump him from the ticket in 1964. He made a Faustian pact with Hoover, who hated the Kennedy brothers as much as Johnson, Alan Dulles, the former CIA Director canned by Kennedy but who still controlled most of its key operatives and the moneyed oil and defense contracting men in Texas who owned Johnson and assumed virtual control of the federal government following Kennedy's assassination, reversing his policies for their own self-enrichment and self-serving purposes.

I'm throwing in XombieKiller's latest take on Xombie Nation for your entertainment. It's as realistic as mainstream news media reports are today.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Gary.

Now, how did WTC7 fall?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I second the conclusion that over 1,500 architects and engineers reached that the building could have only been brought down by a controlled demolition, just like the two towers were brought down. What that tells us is that Larry Silverstein knew when he assumed control of the World Trade Center only months prior to 9/11 and renegotiated the policy of insurance on the buildings with Lloyds of London that the buildings were going to be demolished during a controlled and planned terrorist attack. If you check it out, you will also discover that Silverstein's business partner, Frank Lowy's Westfield Group, who took control of the retail space at WTC as part of the same deal, also coincidentally owns the shopping malls in Kenya and Garden City, New Jersey, which were the location of two recent terrorist attacks. What are the odds that property owned by one man's company would be the subject of three separate terrorist attacks?

Flogger said...

I do not suppose Kerry the Clown, mentioned all the assassination attempts against Castro, and other Black Ops against Cuba.

RFK, MLK and Wallace were all threats to the Establishment and one way or another they were disposed of.

The Assassination of Allende was probably not mentioned by Kerry The Clown.

The Mega-Media today exists only to further the Imperialist Fables our Government wants the Public to believe.