Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Indiana Insurance Regulator Will Not Require Insurers To Reinstate Policies Cancelled Due To ACA

The Indiana Department of Insurance issued a press release this morning announcing that it will not require health insurers which have already notified insureds of the cancellation of their policies due to the Affordable Care Act to reinstate those policies. "Such action would seriously destabilize Indiana’s insurance market and create logistical chaos, fueling even more uncertainty for Hoosiers," Commissioner Stephen Robertson said. "Furthermore, we do not believe that IDOI has the authority under Indiana law to fulfill the President’s untimely request."

President Obama knew when he signed into law that the ACA would result in the cancellation of millions of American's health insurance policies which did not satisfy the coverages mandated by the law, but he lied and insisted otherwise to the American people. After the recent uproar over the fact that more Americans currently insured by a health care plan were receiving cancellation notices from their insurers than were enrolling in Obamacare, the President illegally amended the law to allow insurers to reinstate policies they were required to cancel under the law due to inadequate coverage.

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Anonymous said...

I don’t really understand what this debate or the proposed solution are all about.

With or without the ACA, my employer negotiates every year for a new insurance plan.

My problem with the ACA is that my insurance coverage for this year is not as good as the coverage I had last year. Next year, the coverage will be even worse.