Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who Really Killed Kennedy?

If you've been watching any of the documentaries or news stories aired the past couple of weeks by FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, etc. or any of the mainstream newspaper reports on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, you have been hearing and reading nothing but government propaganda pre-approved by the CIA and the FBI, the two agencies of the federal government most responsible for what happened in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 and the ensuing cover-up that continues to this very day.

This short documentary by Newsmax takes a more "fair and balanced" look at the assassination than you'll hear on FOX News, which has been peddling Bill O'Reilly's book, "Killing Kennedy," which isn't worth the paper on which it's written because it claims the widely discredited Warren Commission Report got every major aspect of the investigation correct. Ironically, O'Reilly was at the forefront of pushing the CIA conspiracy angle when he was reporting for "Inside Edition."
I've studied the issue exhaustively and reached the conclusion that Kennedy was killed as part of a conspiracy involving the nation's most influential and powerful leaders within the CIA, FBI and the military/industrial complex. Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson was an active participant in the assassination, along with his political henchman, Malcolm Wallace, whose fingerprints were found in the sniper's nest of the Texas School Book Depository Building where Oswald's rifle was found, with the invaluable assistance of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and the fired CIA Director Alan Dulles, both of whom hated the Kennedy brothers at least as much as Johnson, who had recently learned that Kennedy had planned to drop him from the ticket in 1964, and that Robert Kennedy's Justice Department investigation of his long-time aide, Bobby Baker, was getting very close to ensnaring him.

The Newsmax documentary relies on a recently-published book by former Nixon aide Roger Stone, "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ." I've not hidden my disdain for Stone, who I believe is a total snake in the grass every bit as much as Karl Rove. Stone's book is intended to focus blame for the assassination on Johnson and away from one of his political allies in Texas, George H.W. Bush. Stone's book does provide the valuable connection of Jack Rubinstein (the name Ruby is only used to hide his Jewish heritage) to the assassination plot. It is a fact that Stone's former boss, Richard Nixon, hired Rubinstein as an informant for the Un-American Activities Committee. Stone claims that Nixon told him that he hired Rubinstein at the direction of his good friend, then U.S. Sen.. Lyndon Johnson. Stone says that Nixon told him that Hoover called Nixon within four hours of the shooting and told him that a Russian communist had assassinated Kennedy. Stone said Nixon initially believed Hoover, but when he watched live TV reports of Rubinstein shooting Oswald two days later, he immediately knew that Hoover's communist connection claim was untrue. Stone says that Nixon immediately recognized the shooter as the informant Johnson had asked his congressional committee to hire more than a decade earlier. According to Stone, Nixon told him he believed Johnson had played a role in Kennedy's assassination. Pat Holloway, a tax attorney at the law firm used by Johnson and George H.W. Bush, recounted a phone call Johnson made to the firm from Parkland Hospital right after he learned of Kennedy's death lamenting the fact that "I gotta get rid of my Goddamn Halliburton stock" rather than expressing any sorrow over news of Kennedy's death.

Stone also notes the CIA connection to the assassination coming from the deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt, a former Nixon White House staffer and CIA agent who was ensnared in the Watergate scandal, as well as Johnson's mistress, who claims Johnson told her the day before the assassination that he would "no longer have to deal with those Kennedy SOBs after today." Again, Stone is careful to avoid implicating former President George H.W. Bush. An unearthed memo written by Hoover, however, a day following the assassination confirms that he spoke to George Bush of the CIA about a possible anti-Cuban reaction to the assassination. Bush's Zapata Oil, which was nothing more than a front company for the CIA, owned the oil drilling rights in Cuba and Bush is believed to have played a role in directing the CIA-trained rebels at the Bay of Pigs invasion. When the term "Cuban connection" is used in reference to the Kennedy assassination, it does not refer to Fidel Castro having a role in the assassination; rather, it refers to the Cubans hired and trained by the CIA to carry out the failed Bay of Pigs attack and later failed attempts by the CIA to assassinate Castro so they could regain control of the island nation and turn it back into another one of their banana republics. The term "Cuban connection" pops up frequently on Nixon's White House tapes and it is said to be code for the conspiracy behind Kennedy's assassination. Several of the Watergate burglars turned out to be Cubans trained by the CIA dating back to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Part of Bush's role after being appointed CIA Director by Nixon was to close up leaks that could sink the entire ship.

Bush also made an interesting call to the local FBI office in Houston the day of Kennedy's assassination. According to Russ Baker, FBI records reveal that Bush placed a call to alert the FBI that he feared that a campaign worker in his office may have played a role in the assassination. Bush, who was the GOP chairman of the Harris County Republican Party in Houston and was preparing a bid for the U.S. Senate from Texas in 1964 at the time, told the FBI that he had concerns that James Parrot, a college student at the University of Texas who volunteered in his county party's office, had talked about assassinating Kennedy when he visited Houston. Some researchers speculate that Bush was attempting to establish an alibi for himself if his name ever came up in connection with the investigation of the assassination. It turns out that Bush was a close friend of a White Russian immigrant, George de Mohrenschildt, a geologist for the oil industry in Texas who also worked for the CIA. De Mohrenschildt was asked by the CIA to act as Oswald's handler when he first returned to Dallas after leaving the Soviet Union. Oswald, who was trained to speak Russian fluently while he served in the Marines, defected to the Soviet Union as a counter agent for the CIA only days after completing his service in the Marines. Oswald had no problem returning the U.S. with his new Russian wife a few years later after the Russians found him of no value to them for obvious reasons. Perhaps even more chilling is the fact that de Mohrenschildt was a close family friend of Jackie Kennedy and the entire Bouvier family. De Mohrenschildt, interestingly, was also a business associate of Aristotle Onassis, who would become Jackie Kennedy's second husband.

The mainstream media meme instructs us that continued talk of a conspiracy behind the assassination of Kennedy is unhealthy for our country. It is my sincere belief that you cannot understand why our nation finds itself in the mess it is today with little faith in our government institutions and an alarming escalation of the erosion of sacred and fundamental rights we once believed were safely protected by our constitution until the truth is revealed about what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963. What happened in Dallas that day fundamentally changed who we are as a nation. The fact that those responsible for the coup were never brought to justice like the conspirators behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln were has allowed the perpetrators of that crime to commit far worse crimes in the ensuing decades against our country and our people. Thousands of records regarding the assassination remain under lock and seal after 50 years because the people who control our government want to perpetuate the lie told to us in the Warren Commission Report that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating Kennedy. Oswald no more acted alone in killing Kennedy than John Wilkes Booth acted alone in killing Lincoln. Eight of Booth's co-conspirators were eventually tried and convicted after a lengthy military tribunal, although scores of suspects were arrested in the days and months following Lincoln's assassination. LBJ, Hoover and their co-conspirators ensured that only Oswald alone would be blamed for the vast conspiracy that claimed Kennedy's life and forever changed our country and its government for the worse. That one big fat lie has beget a thousand more lies and a government that lacks the confidence or faith of its people.


Anonymous said...

A picture is worth 9/11 words...

Anonymous said...

Carlos Hathcock took that piece-o-crap gun out to a range and fired it, Oswald-style. He got the shots off in time, but they were nowhere near as accurate as what Oswald supposedly did.

If you don't know who Hathcock is, look it up. There's no way Oswald was as good under pressure, getting ready to kill the President, as Hathcock was at a gun range.

Dumb Americans like simple answers, so they got Oswald and Bin Laden.

You can't knock a building down, let alone straight down, with a jet fuel flash fire and an upper floor explosion. If you could, you'd cut demolition costs by 1000%.

Flogger said...

An Iron Curtain preventing an honest assessment of the Kennedy fell shortly after his death. Oswald's strange past was painted over and the lone lunatic gunman was born. It stretches the imagination of how Oswald just happened to be a right the place at the right time.

I recall a news report after the Kennedy assassination that said Europeans generally believed the killing of Kennedy was a part of a plot. The European opinion was quickly dismissed by the Main Stream of the day.

Kennedy had been burned by the Security-Military-Industrial Complex with the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Further it seems he rejected Project North Woods a blue print hatched by the Security-Military-Industrial Complex for starting a War with Cuba. Then we have his rejection of a strike and an invasion of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We have also the connection between the CIA and the Mafia to kill Castro.

Even by the standards of 1963, it is incredulous how many people were walking around the crime scene in the Texas School Book Depository. Then we have Oswald paraded around in public.

Years ago(1971)there was a Mafia Boss Joseph Colombo who was shot and seriously wounded at a festival. Jerome Johnson was the shooter. He was wrestled to the ground, but another man stepped out the crowd and killed Johnson. Johnson's killer was never caught.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great story that just hit Drudge:

U.S. To Consider Cellphone Use On Planes

"The move would lift a regulatory hurdle, but any use of cellphones on planes would still have to be approved by the airlines, which have said they would approach the issue cautiously due to strong objections from their customers. Airlines would have to install equipment in their planes that would communicate with cellphone towers on the ground."

One more time

"Airlines would have to install equipment in their planes that would communicate with cellphone towers on the ground."

In 2013, we don't have the equipment on board to do what cell phones supposedly did, without a hitch, in 2001?

9/11 was a lie.

The military wanted increased social control and endless wars, and dumb Americans went along with all of it, celebrating veterans and waving flags.

Anonymous said...

Here's the greatest problem: these military folks are so arrogantly convinced of their own ideas that killing a President, toppling a government, blowing up the World Trade Center, starting phony wars that kill hundreds of thousands, etc. mean that they will do absolutely anything.

If society isn't bowing fully or quickly enough to their opinion, they will literally do anything to advance their agenda.

I worry that a scheme they'll eventually employ will be to detonate a nuke in an American city, blame it on a terrorist crossing state lines, and lock down all interstate travel, or at least put DHS checkpoints at every state line.

These guys didn't like the prospect of giving up all the power they had amassed from 1941-1945, and they saw what total power felt like. It's been pretty much constant war since then.

Bring back Bill Clinton and BRAC.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don't forget that Bill Clinton credited the staged OKC bombing for saving his presidency.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OKC, where a Ryder truck was photographed parked in a nearby Army base just days before the bombing.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for this focus on the assassination of JFK, Gary. has been doing a great job all last week in naming the names of who killed Kennedy. Both John Friend and Deanna Spingola last week interviewed Michael Collin Piper about his identifying of them, which he first did sixteen years ago, in his book, FINAL JUDGMENT.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Another book I just discovered that helps those of us who are seeking to figure out what the h is going on in DC was written by the whistle blower, Al Martin,


Marycatherine Barton said...

Another two books by insiders about details concerning the revolution of the state against the citizens are:


THE WARMONGERS by Howard Katz.