Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Tony Bennett

The state's Inspector General David Thomas has filed a formal ethics complaint charging former Supt. of Public Instruction Tony Bennett with "us[ing] state computer systems, equipment and/or software to engage in political campaign and/or personal activity, including: political campaign fundraising, responding to a political opponent's assertions, scheduling campaign meetings, scheduling campaign telephone calls, and/or other political and/or personal activity." Bennett could also face criminal charges for official misconduct, theft and ghost employment if Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry's Office chooses to enforce the law.


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Indy Rob said...

Nice to see in the Indy star comments (regarding a story about Tony Bennett) that Jo Blacketor continues to bash Glenda Ritz. Talk about holding a grudge.

Wonder how much money Ms. Blacketor was getting in kickbacks from her buddy, Tony?