Saturday, November 02, 2013

Naked Gun: Police Squad Takes On LAX Airport

Here we go again. We have a crazed shooter supposedly going on a shooting rampage yesterday at LAX Airport. The target was TSA agents. The alleged shooter's name is Paul Ciancia. Yeah, let's give him a name that spells out "CIA-N-CIA." Are these people serious? Mr. CIA-N-CIA supposedly walked into LAX International Airport with an automatic assault rifle on a mission to kill as many of those TSA agents that air passengers have come to hold in such low regard since their inception following 9/11 because of the intrusive body searches to which they subject passengers. Of course, the shooter was shot and likely will never be able to speak in his own defense. And of course, he was found to have had in his possession anti-government literature ranting about the takeover of America by the New World Order. [UPDATED: Check out this photo the New York Post published which it claims is the shooter, who was supposedly critically injured from gunshot wounds, including one gunshot to the mouth. Do you see anything wrong with this photo besides the fake blood? What about all the news reports quoting eyewitnesses as saying he was dressed like a TSA agent and was a larger, more imposing individual?]

The video above has a CBS News report, which relies on the reporting of a former counter-terrorist agent for the FBI's Los Angeles office, John Miller, to tell us who Paul Ciancia is. There is no reference to Ciancia in any FBI file Miller tells us, but there are notes found on him ranting about TSA agents as fascists and pigs among other anti-American rants, including rants against the New World Order. Notice Miller's omission of any failure of NSA spying to detect Ciancia's threat. Miller also tells us that Ciancia sent a text message to his parents yesterday telling them that he was going to kill himself. In reference to the New World Order, Miller refers to it as "a growing conspiracy group that believes the world is going to be taken over by forces in black helicopters and so on." The aim of this propagandist masquerading as a legitimate reporter for CBS News is to marginalize and treat as potential terrorists any American who opposes the agenda of the New World Order, which Mr. Miller apparently believes Americans are gullible enough to believe. We've arrived at the point where any American who believes in the sovereignty of our nation is now a terrorist.

In this second video above, you will see comments LAX Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon made to reporters during a press conference following the shooting in which he stated that emergency responders had performed so well in responding to the shooting because they had practiced this exact scenario during a drill three weeks ago: "We practiced the exact scenario that played out today. . . that we played out today." Imagine that? Right after Gannon makes this jaw-dropping statement, the FBI agent in charge of the local investigation can be seen behind Gannon lowering his head and rubbing his hand across his face in disbelief that Gannon had just let the cat out of the bag. In addition to that drill, there were two separate explosions of dry ice containers at LAX Airport in the past couple of weeks. Two airport contract employees, Miguel Iniguez and Dicarlo Bennett, have been charged in connection with those two incidents. At one point during the faux news reporting, several reputable news organizations reported that ex-NSA Director Michael Hayden had been killed in the shooting, a hoax made up by someone having fun as the "crisis" played out on live television. In numerous other reports, it was reported that Ciancia was actually a TSA employee before updated reports later assured us he was not.

We'll never know the truth about the strange events that shut down one of the nation's busiest airports for an entire day yesterday, but the people behind it are probably ruing the release of this raw video that clearly shows a dummy doll on a wheelchair that reporters were trying to convince viewers was actually a real, wounded TSA agent.

Coincidentally, the producers of "Mad Men" were filming at LAX Airport yesterday when the shooting allegedly took place. You just can't make this stuff up. It's pretty sad when it becomes difficult to distinguish an entertaining scene from a "Naked Gun" movie involving Police Squad's Lt. Frank Drebin from what's passed off to us as live coverage of supposedly real news events that are unfolding in this country.

There's an extended video after the jump with an entertaining take on this latest false flag event that you can view by clicking here.


Ellen said...

Not everything is a conspiracy.

Ciancia is an uncommon Italian surname.

It's even used to describe a syndrome of infantile esotropia with abduction nystagmus -- named for A. O. Ciancia, the person who first described it in 1962.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Eyes wide shut, Ellen.

Marycatherine Barton said...

A former CIA director claimed that the CIA owns every media person of any importance. Note how many of these media stars immediately after this incident have started calling for preventing any person from carrying a gun into the airport by scanning and searching them, such as what is now imposed on citizens before being allowed into government buildings.

These fake journalists are also now calling for further militarization of the TSA -- arm all of them, even while they are examining all passengers. We are living in a gulag, and maybe Ron Paul is right, the borders of the USA are there to keep us in.

Marycatherine Barton said... already has a lost of posts up about the actors involved.