Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dwayne Sawyer Expected To Resign As State Auditor For Personal Reasons

Dwayne Sawyer, the Brownsburg town council president appointed by Gov. Mike Pence to fill the job as state auditor only three months ago, is expected to resign the office due to personal reasons according to IndyPolitics' Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. "It is unclear exactly what compelled Sawyer to tender his resignation, but it is believed to be personal in nature," Shabazz writes. Shabazz has described himself as being a close friend to Sawyer so one would presume he wouldn't prematurely report his resignation from his state office.

UPDATE: Gov. Mike Pence has just released the following statement acknowledging Sawyer's resignation effective December 15 "due to family and personal concerns," assuring the public that it had nothing to do with his fiduciary duties to the state:
Governor Mike Pence announced that he accepted Dwayne Sawyer’s resignation as Auditor of State, and offered the following statement: 
“I have accepted Dwayne Sawyer’s resignation as Auditor of State effective December 15, 2013.  His reason for resigning had to do with personal and family circumstances, and I respect his decision to step aside. Hoosiers can be assured that Mr. Sawyer’s resignation had nothing to do with his fiduciary responsibilities for the state or his execution of his duties as Auditor. This office will always be grateful for Mr. Sawyer’s service and wish him well in his future endeavors.” 
Dwayne Sawyer stated in his letter of resignation, “Due to family and personal concerns, I have come to the conclusion that it will be in the best interests of my family and the people of Indiana whom I have been honored to serve that I resign from the office of Indiana auditor of state.”
I have a hunch there is much more to this story. Gov. Mike Pence's campaign committee donated $10,000 to Sawyer's campaign on November 4. I'm wondering if he will ask Sawyer to return it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was so embarrassed at being labeled a friend of Abdul that he resigned.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Hah! I doubt that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was embarassed because he was so under qualified for the job in the first place. Or perhaps the rumors on the street about him not taking financial responsibility for a child from another mother are true. Either way, politics is much better without this moron!!!

girl_cousin said...

When has not being qualified ever stopped a republican in indiana from taking office? I thought it was a requirement.