Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bisard Receives 16-Year Sentence

Allen Co. Superior Court Judge John Surbeck showed no mercy for IMPD Officer David Bisard at his sentencing hearing today after a jury recently found him guilty of driving his police cruiser while intoxicated and hitting a group of motorcycles, killing one and seriously injuring two others. Judge Surbeck sentenced Bisard to 16 years with three years suspended for three of his nine convictions; the remaining six charges merged into the three other charges. Bisard still has to be tried for a second DUI arrest that occurred after the fatal accident in 2010. Whatever sentence he receives for that charge, which could be up to one year, must be served consecutively.


Anonymous said...

Bisard crying in the Courtroom with the victims' families present and then Bisard denying that he had even been drinking, was not particularly credible.

Maybe Bisard's police buddies will visit with him each week at New Castle or Westville or wherever IDOC sends him, but more likely they won't bother.

Anonymous said...

This is a just and proper sentence. It is unfortunate that Bisard denies his alcohol abuse problem.

A life lost, and two more with life-changing severe injuries....everyone lost on this: Bisard, the victims, The City he pulled into his problem, The law enforcement officers he pulled down with him.