Monday, November 11, 2013

Indianapolis City-County Council Approves Resolution Opposing HJR-6

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The Indianapolis City-County Council approved a resolution on a bipartisan vote tonight of 22-6 to urge the Indiana General Assembly to reject HJR-6, the proposed constitutional amendment that would enshrine the denial of marriage and other rights incident to marriage to same-sex couples in the state's constitution. Ginny Cain, the Republican councilor who works on the staff of Sen. Dan Coats, stayed true to her boss' convictions on this issue in explaining her vote against it.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Ginny's argument is the misguided belief that it is up to the majority to decide on individual freedoms. I too worship the God of Abraham, however I hear him differently on this matter. Furthermore, the America that I was raised in was a country that celebrated and championed individual freedoms and understood the importance of promoting tolerance as a means of building a civil society. This is not what these people want. I would fight to protect Ginny's right to practice her religion in the way that is most meaningful to her, but she and others need to learn that it is simply not okay to gang up and enforce their beliefs on others -and that is where my support stops. If you don't believe in gay marriage, that is your right, but if you believe in freedom, it is your job to tolerate others who have chosen to live peaceful lives, and allow them their peace as they have allowed you yours. Gay Marriage does nothing to undo her marriage -nothing whatsoever. She doesn't lose a single right or entitlement if equal marriage is passed, her children receive no less food on the table, no less face time with their teachers. It is out of a very condescending, prideful, and embarrassingly intolerant and provincial mindset that these attitudes are being drawn from. Whether or not they come from a genuine place is up for question.
There is no room for this lack of compassion in a modern America. She may cite the bible, and namedrop her God, but she is not acting in Christ, nor in a way that reflects the attitudes of informed, sensible, humble, and tolerant Americans.