Friday, April 26, 2013

Indiana Becomes First In The Nation To Prove Obama's Presidency Was Procured By Fraud

The Birther Report has held steadfast in its advocacy of the view that Barack Obama rose to the presidency of the United States using an assumed identity through the use of false documents, including a forged birth certificate, stolen social security numbers and fraudulent selective service registration record, among others. If they are correct, it would constitute the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American people in the country's history. The Birther Report's video clips always begin by showing Obama stating, "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide," followed by the word "FORGED" stamped over his image in bold red letters.

Indiana now has the distinction of becoming the first state in the country to prove that Obama's presidency was procured through fraud. A St. Joseph Co. jury found that Obama only had a place on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot because Democratic campaign workers in that county forged voters' signatures to secure his place on the ballot. The so-called birthers now have the first definitive legal decision in their more than five-year quest to prove Obama's election was only made possible by fraud. Without those forged signatures, one could argue that Obama would have failed to secure the necessary delegates he needed to win the 2008 Democratic presidential race he won over Hillary Clinton by a razor-thin margin. Birthers owe this win to the whistle blower, Lucas Burkett, and the able special prosecutor, Stanley Levco, who proved the crimes Burkett alleged occurred did in fact occur.

Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has still not given up his investigation of Obama's identity fraud. His Maricopa County Cold Case Posse says it still hopes to secure criminal charges against Obama based on the findings of its investigation, which it insists proves the principal documents Obama has used to prove his identity are forged documents.

So despite the guilty verdicts of the St. Joseph County Four--Butch Morgan, Dustin Blythe, Beverly Shelton and Pam Brunette--the four will always have the satisfaction of knowing that but for their criminal acts, Barack Obama would not be president today.

UPDATE: I thought I would share with you this YouTube clip I found on the Gateway Pundit, which shows how easy it is to register to vote in Colorado without any form of identification.


Pete Boggs said...

If Lance Armstrong is no longer a TDF champion; how can the forged results of that which is of greater importance stand? Are we a nation of laws?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Because the media holds an athlete like Armstrong to a higher standard than Barack Obama. If any other politician had attempted to pull of the fraud Obama pulled off, he would have been driven from public service and jailed long ago. It just boggles my mind that this guy actually got by with using identity fraud to become president. At least three foreign countries know the truth about his true identity, including Britain, Indonesia and probably Russia. I blame the 50 state election officials, the 535 members of Congress and the dozens of judges, including our U.S. Supreme Court, for allowing it to happen. Ed Lasky had a humorous point on the planned Obama presidential library. What information will it include before he was elected to the Senate? The badly photoshopped pictures of him with his supposed family? The promotional piece his book publisher put out promoting his book that mistakenly said he was born in Kenya? Everything else about him has pretty much been destroyed or concealed from the public.

Pete Boggs said...

Yes sir Mr. Welsh! And Republican is now unfortunately, another word for coward, traitor or Democrat.