Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More On ACLU's Effort To Impose Sharia Law In Federal Prisons

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. A federal judge in Indianapolis recently sided with John Walker Lindh, the American-born Taliban charged and convicted of taking up arms against U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, in a lawsuit brought on his behalf by the ACLU to force prison officials at the Terre Haute federal penitentiary to allow Muslim inmates at the high-security level prison to gather as a group daily to pray instead of the weekly group prayers allowed by prison officials for inmates of all religious faiths.

The ACLU has filed a contempt motion against federal prison officials because they are permitting the Muslim inmates to gather together just three times a day to pray. According to the contempt motion filed by the ACLU, their faith requires them to gather together as a group to pray five times a day. So how many extra security guards will the prison have to hire to move these high-risk inmates around five additional times a day? What about Hajj? Will the ACLU sue prison officials to force taxpayers to purchase them round-trip tickets to fulfill their religious duty to make the pilgrimage to Mecca? Our public schools will barely allow students to utter the words Christmas or Easter, if at all, let alone pray. Yet federal prison rules are completely thrown out the door to accommodate the religious beliefs of one small group of inmates.


Pete Boggs said...

Here's their idea of justice & equality:

Ellen said...

Islam advises just one communal prayer a week.

Therefore this request cannot be based on Shariah law.

Apparently, Lindh has designed his own sect.