Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dan Coats Has No Intention Of Getting To The Bottom Of Boston Marathon Bombing

If you are so inclined, listen to this milquetoast discussion Sen. Dan Coats had with CNN's Candy Crowley today on the Boston Marathon bombings. Last week, he claimed he wanted to "get to the bottom" of what happened in Boston. Nope, he's only interested in figuring out more ways to spend money on beefing up our national security and suspending our constitutional rights, which is the whole reason why these "events" happen. As long as he can find an excuse for feeding more money to the military-industrial complex, that's all he's concerned about. He certainly doesn't care about Americans' civil liberties despite having a law degree. You will learn more about what happened in Boston reading this blog than anything you will ever hear coming out of Sen. Coats' mouth. It really bothers Sen. Coats that Hoosiers are learning details about the bombing that he doesn't want them to learn by reading this blog. Coats and his colleagues are in full cover-up mode. We have no intention of letting them get by with it again as they've done repeatedly in the past.

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