Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hulman-George Family Gets Its $100 Million Subsidy

News reports indicate that the General Assembly passed the legislation sponsored by State Sen. Mike Young, SB 91, which provides a $100 million giveaway masquerading as a loan to the Hulman-George family to spend on improvements at their Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "Representative Eric Turner (R-Cicero) says the state has a chance to turn its long motorsports heritage into a major economic development tool," WIBC reports. This will constitute the first time in Indiana history that taxpayers have been compelled to finance a privately-owned sports facility.

I would like to describe the final version of the bill, but despite the news reports of its passage, the General Assembly has still not published the conference committee report online that lawmakers voted on late last night. I would be too ashamed to let the public read what a horrible, unconstitutional piece of legislation I had just sent to the Governor as well.

Will the Hulman-George family send each of the lawmakers a new, limited edition piece of Tiffany crystal like the crystal pieces they've been receiving every year from the family, which don't seem to appear on lawmakers' financial disclosure statements, along with all the free tickets they receive to every IMS event? Hey, if you're going to accept bribes for passing laws to help the state's richest families, at least go all in and get something of a little bit more value. It's amazing how much public welfare is handed out to the wealthiest families in this state just so lawmakers can attend every sporting event for free.


Pete Boggs said...

The laudable guile, of an until now iconic, Indiana family of entrepreneurs, has been slave traded to the state.

What guarantee do citizens get, in exchange for yet another extra-Constitutional burden on their property & income?

Is Mr. Young the local face of the small government party, sunset dome taxes & abandoned oaths?

No further IMS excursions for our family until this mess is cleaned up.

Downtown Indy said...

Now the much-denied impending sale to some as yet undisclosed buyer can proceed ahead at full speed.