Monday, April 15, 2013

$100 Million IMS Giveaway Legislation Fails In House On First Vote

Legislation that would provide an unprecedented $100 million subsidy to the privately-owned Indianapolis Motor Speedway failed this afternoon on a third reading vote where it received only 47 votes, four votes short of the majority it needed for final passage. The final tally on SB 91 was 47-46. Because it failed on a non-decisive vote, proponents of the bill would be able to recall the vote if they can convince members not supporting it on the first vote to change their vote to reach the 51 votes it will need to stay alive. Supporters of the state's horse tracks lost their enthusiasm for the bill after House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Rep. Tim Brown altered the Senate-passed bill to utilize revenues generated from the state's two racinos to help finance the subsidy.

UPDATE: The lobbyists twisted a few arms and another vote was taken. This time the bill passed by a 56-36 vote. This is just more proof that only the wealthiest people matter. Indiana lawmakers could give a shit less about the hard-working people of this state. They only care about the people who are stuffing money in their pockets, wining and dining them and giving them free tickets to sporting events. I would once again renew the invitation to all the corrupt pols in Chicago to relocate to Indiana to ply your trade. You can get by with anything in this state and never fear getting prosecuted. The U.S. Attorney's Office is in your pocket. Come on down. Get your share. There's no end to the supply of money our corrupt legislature will stuff in your pocket as long as you're willing to take care of them.

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