Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Suspect Taken Alive After Being Pinned Down In Boat

It is now coming up on the 24-hour mark since this whole ordeal of tracking down these two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing began so we now appear to have a rap on this special return episode of "24." The skinny, 19-year old Chechen immigrant, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was supposedly found hiding in this boat in some one's backyard in Watertown. We're told police searched this same boat earlier today and turned up nothing, but the owner later found what appeared to be bloodied clothes near it and called the police. That set off this latest drama of more than 100 police and tactical team members rushing to the scene with the media in tow. We heard multiple gun shots from afar during yet another shootout. That was followed by a bomb squad being sent in, which was soon followed by the sounds of multiple explosions, presumably more unexploded bombs the police recovered. We're told it took about an hour of negotiations to convince the suspect to give up and come out from his hiding place. The gathered crowd gave a big round of applause to the police for a job well done. We're told Dzhokhar is on his way to Mt. Auburn Hospital. I can't figure out how he survived given the multiple shots exchanged with police a couple of hours ago, but the media tells us that's how it went down so it must be true. The police must have taken a lot of bad shots.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is seen on this surveillance image before his capture and arrest. (credit: Handout)

A graphic autopsy photo of Dzokhar's less fortunate brother can be viewed after the jump.

President Barack Obama refused to produce a photo of the Osama Bin Laden corpse after he was supposedly captured and killed in Pakistan by a group of Navy SEALS in April, 2011, about a decade after our own intelligence determined he actually died. Yet less than 24 hours passed before someone leaked this autopsy photo of Tamarlan Tsarnaev to the Smoking Gun. Call me skeptical, but these injuries don't seem consistent with the image of Tamarlan shown lying face down in the street after his brother had supposedly run over him with the Mercedes SUV they carjacked following a shootout with police. This Dzhokhar fellow must be more cunning, calculating and elusive than Jack Bauer.

Purported Tamarlan Tsarnaev autopsy photo leaked to the Smoking Gun
I'm still trying to figure out what the deal is with this naked guy the Boston police took into custody last night, who looks remarkably like Tamarlan, who as we all know now is dead after a shootout with police and after being run over by his younger brother who miraculously made an escape from the shootout with police. Some speculate that this guy is the owner of the Mercedes SUV that was hijacked by the pair. We're told they drove him around for about a half hour after pulling alongside his vehicle, forcing him over and then moving all their bomb paraphernalia from their Honda vehicle into his SUV. The two alleged bombers supposedly forced him to withraw $800 from an ATM machine before releasing him without harming him. Incidentally, police are now saying that the dynamic dual didn't hold up that 7 Eleven store; it turns out they just happened to stop in the store to make a purchase around the time it was robbed by someone else. They supposedly shot and killed an MIT police officer near the 7-Eleven, but were so gracious to their carjack victim that they let him go free after boasting to him that they were the Marathon bombers so he could inform police who they were and put them on their tracks. They were intelligent enough to build these sophisticated bombs and set them off undetected, but they made no plans for an escape. Makes sense to me.

I want to know what these special ops guys knew about the bombings. Notice where they were standing shortly before the bomb went off at the finish line and where they're standing just watching as rescue workers move frantically to aid the injured. I guess they had more important matters to tend to. Infowars is asking the questions the state-run media won't answer. They're too busy being led around by their government handlers.

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