Monday, April 15, 2013

Terrorist Attacks On Boston Marathon

This is the best raw video footage I could find of the tragic terrorist bombings today near the finish line of the Boston Marathon that took place around 2:50 p.m. Two separate bombs were set off, one right at the finish line and a separate that followed just seconds later a few hundred yards down the street from the first explosion. More than 100 people are being treated for injuries. At least 12 persons are confirmed dead according to the New York Post. Police say a third explosion occurred around 4:30 p.m. at JFK Library, although it is unclear whether it is related to the other two bombs. This is an ongoing event. Police are reportedly working to identity what are feared to be other bombs waiting to be exploded. Officials have cut cell phone service in the Boston area to prevent any undetonated bombs from being set off remotely according to at least one report. There are reports of one person of interest who was injured near one of the blast sites being held in police custody. He is identified by the New York Post as a 20-year old Saudi national who is being treated at a local hospital for injuries he sustained. Federal agents said there were no prior warnings ahead of today's attacks. Follow the live feed for updates at here.

UPDATE: There were a number of runners from the Indy area participating in today's running of the Boston Marathon. Initial reports from an Indy Runners Facebook post indicates none were injured in today's mayhem:

Indy Runners · 2,251 like this
about an hour ago near Boston, MA ·

  • Update from Boston: as far as I know all Indy contingent seems to be safe. Strength and Courage to those involved, investigating and treating. Situation ongoing. Boston police/medical doing good work.
    Please check out this video discussing reports of bomb training drills taking place prior to today's explosions. There were even loud announcements made to runners not to fear the presence of all the bomb-sniffing dogs because these were part of a planned exercise. This makes one wonder if the government is lying when it claims it had no prior knowledge of a potential terrorist attack. We've seen this repeatedly where training exercises took place contemporaneously with these attacks. There was a drill taking place in Oklahoma City the day of the bombing of the Murrah federal building. And remember that one of the reasons for the government's slow response on 9/11 was attributed to the fact that it was coordinating with the FAA a terrorist attack drill involving hijacked planes. You won't see the mainstream media talk about this. It's not part of the script handed to them by the government to report on these high-profile events.

There's more. Boston EMS officials announced days ahead of today's marathon they were making preparations for a mass casualty event:
Boston EMS is deploying a new, off-the-shelf, lightweight mobile device for the first time at the Boston Marathon on April 15.
The platform, from SafetyPAD, is intended for use in mass-casualty situations gives EMS personnel the ability to carry into crowds and assess a patient upon arrival, document in realtime, transmit data to transport units before they arrive, and other features.
Boston EMS will utilize the new Android-based program for bike and gator teams along race route.
This year's marathon was also dedicated to the families who lost family members at Sandy Hook, a seemingly staged mass shooting intended to aid in the repeal our 2nd Amendment rights. The family members were supposedly seated in the VIP section near one of the bomb blasts. No word yet on whether any suffered injuries in today's blasts. The only winners in these events are those who seek to take away all of our fundamental rights our forefathers sacrificed so much to secure for their fellow Americans and their posterity. These events won't stop happening until the forces of evil have achieved their ultimate aim of enslaving all of us. With each of these events, more rights of the innocent are sacrificed, while the privileges for those who commit such horrific acts are exponentially expanded. How ironic this latest tragedy would occur on Patriot Day.

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