Friday, July 13, 2012

Wreckage From State Fair Collapse Stolen

WTHR's Sandra Chapman has learned that some of the wreckage from last year's State Fair stage collapse, which was being stored at a secured warehouse as potential evidence in pending litigation, has been stolen. According to Chapman's report, every piece of the wreckage was carefully logged by structural engineers hired by the state to assist in the investigation, along with representatives of the victims who died or were injured during the collapse, before it was moved to the undisclosed warehouse for safekeeping. It sounds like thieves may have entered the building last week looking for copper wire but settled on removing cable that was used to help hold the stage together. It's unclear whether security cameras for the building captured the break-in. The building's fire alarms were sounded last Friday, but the owners didn't find any problems when they arrived to check on the building. Chapman said the theft was discovered on Monday when cut telephone lines were discovered. Apparently the thieves entered the building through the roof. Structural engineers are scheduled to return to inspect the wreckage next week to assess what all was stolen. Chapman says the state is paying the building's owner $1,400 a month to store and secure the wreckage. Her report did not identify the building's location for security reasons.

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