Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Shooter Had Received NIH Grant To Study Neuroscience

New reports out of Colorado indicate that the accused shooter, 24-year old James Holmes, had been one of just six students at the University of Colorado to win a neuroscience training grant from the National Institutes of Health. University officials confirmed this fact to reporters early today.
"The focus on the program is training outstanding neuroscientists who will make significant contributions to neurobiology," the school said.
Holmes decided to leave the school of his own accord in June, giving the university no reason for leaving the program, the spokeswoman said.
Yes, federal tax dollars had been awarded to help this young man with no prior criminal history or treatment for mental illness to study the biology of the human nervous system controlled by the brain.

Most Americans are still trying to make sense of this mass killing that claimed 12 lives and injured 71 others at a screening of "Dark Knight Rises" at an Aurora, Colorado theater just miles from the scene of the tragic Columbine school shooting in 1999. Twelves students and one teacher were killed after two teen-age boys who attended the school and who were being treated with prescribed anti-depressant drugs went on a shooting spree. Investigators immediately told us that Holmes acted alone and his actions had no terrorist links. Some eyewitness accounts suggest that the shooter had assistance from another man who entered the theater prior to the shooting and propped open an emergency exit door shortly after the movie began after this person answered a call on his cell phone. It's unclear whether the shooter and the man who propped the door open are the same, but at least one witness described the man who propped the door open motioning for someone else when he stood at the emergency door exit. The shooter was wearing an armor-resistance black suit and a gas mask. Some witnesses suggest someone else tossed a gas canister into the theater from a different location that began emitting irritating smoke shortly before the shooter entered the theater from the emergency exit door that had been propped open. Some are also wondering how an unemployed 24-year old could afford the thousands of dollars he spent on his weapons arsenal and other equipment to carry out the acts.

I have no idea what really happened, but I have to agree with the skeptics who believe the shootings were carried out with assistance from others. That these skeptics would be concerned that rogue elements within our own government played a part in the massacre is not as absurd as some might think. We know that the underwear bomber was only allowed to board an airplane bound for the U.S. without a valid passport with the assistance of our government. The underwear bomber was on a terrorist watch list and his own father had warned the U.S. government of his concern that he was planning to carry out terrorist attacks. The underwear bomber's attorneys claimed our own government gave him a defective bomb to wear onto the plane. After the horrible terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, we learned that David Headley, an American working for U.S. intelligence, had made a number of trips to the region to help plan the deadly attacks in 2008 that left 168 people dead. We know that our own CIA has run covert mind-control operations with the help of leading psychiatrists to get unwitting citizens to commit acts they would otherwise not commit. Few people realize that the Unabomber, Theordore Kaczynski, participated in these human mind control experiments while he was at Harvard. The attorney for Sirhan Sirhan, claimed that his client was under hypnosis as part of a government experiment run amok when he carried out the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that the vast majority of terrorist plots have been hatched by the FBI. Interestingly, the FBI put out a public warning in May of this year that theaters might be the target of terrorist attacks, but the link to the public warning was quickly taken down after the Aurora shootings. News reports indicate that Holmes began purchasing guns and ammunition to carry out the attack in May, which coincided with his decision to withdraw from the Phd program he had started just last year. Every time one of these incidents occurs, they are used to promote curtailing gun ownership rights, the invasion of privacy and the eroding of individual rights in order to supposedly make us more secure. The timing of the attack is also suspect. It comes just as the Obama administration is pushing a new UN gun control treaty that would curtail gun trafficking that aids terrorists and rebels, which is a bit ironic given the U.S. government's covert sponsorship of the Fast and Furious operation that placed thousands of high-powered weapons into the most dangerous criminal elements in Mexico with deadly consequences.

UPDATE: For skeptics that the government would actually carry out false flag operations, check out this previously-classified document originally prepared in 1962 and not released until 1997 which discussed various false flag operations to create a pretext for attacking Cuba militarily. Some of the proposed false flag operations will send a chill up your spine, particularly proposals to hijack planes and blow up U.S. ships, as well as carrying out terrorist attacks on American soil. The so-called Operation Northwoods plan was signed off on by the Joint Chiefs of Staff but rejected by President Kennedy, who was assassinated the following year. A known CIA asset, Lee Harvey Oswald, was blamed as the lone gunman responsible for the assassination by the Warren Commission. A later investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that there was a conspiracy and that Oswald had not acted alone. The chief investigator for the Committee, Notre Dame law professor Robert Blakey, later said that he did not believe the CIA and its people had been truthful about its relationship with Oswald prior to the assassination and cannot be trusted.


Marycatherine Barton said...

So much government secrecy and corruption extradinaire! Today, Wayne Madsen issued a fascinating report detailing several links between James Holmes and U.S. government research. Madsen also claims that police and federal law enforcement officials have ordered laboratories and schools with which Holmes has had a past association, not to talk to the press about him.

Rob said...

Gotta love conspiracy theories that are trotted out with zero evidence, especially in the wake of a tragedy like the Colorado shooting... nothing like using grieving communities and families to attempt a lame political point.

And I'm sure even the blogger knows that innuendo is not evidence...

HDLadee said...

actually, he WAS seeing a psychiatrist so he DID have Mental issues ~

Unknown said...

Great piece! I'm going to research all the links.