Sunday, July 22, 2012

Horrifying Scene Of Anaheim Police Attacking Peaceful Protestors

You have to watch this video to believe it. Residents in Anaheim, California gathered Saturday evening to protest a police action shooting that left one man dead earlier in the day. For no apparent reason, police began firing rubber bullets at the gathered crowd, which included women and small children, striking several of the people. The police then unleashed a canine on the crowd, which inflicted several bite wounds. The dog attacked a woman holding a small infant. According to a local news report, police attempted to buy cell phone videos captured by onlookers to cover up their actions.


Cato said...

Gary, police abuses of this sort happen daily. This story merely managed to make it onto national headlines.

The police are an occupying army, an internal security force. Their purpose is not what you and your fellow citizens think it is.

Did you see the story from yesterday where the Marines are creating police units?

It's painfully obvious where this country is and where it is going. As long as the Republican Party continues to be the party of "law and order," they're the greatest enemies of freedom, because their membership possesses the means and the ability to change the course.

Being cop and military supporters, Republicans presently stand ready to support anything wearing a uniform and will be the first to herd their neighbor into a gulag.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I agree that the Republican Party is the party tht will have to bring about change. The Democratic Party wants to strip people of all of their individual rights to give way to big brother government.

Maine said...

Gary, Really..The Democratic Party wants to strip people of ALL their individual rights? religion, speech, press, assembly, bear arms, unreasonable search and seizure etc.? Instead of this knee jerk response why don't you apply the otherwise thoughtful commentary you apply to local and state government issues? What is the basis of this blanket statement?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Maine, I suggest you do your homework on what the federal government has been doing in the name of national security. Late Friday, when media attention was focused on the Aurora shooting, the NSA's Director admitted in writing that its spying techniques violated the 4th Amendment. If you study what the government is now doing in the name of national security, it's hard to argue that there is anything left in the Constitution that is protecting the individual liberties of our citizens. Liberals criticized these policies when Bush was president. Now that Obama is president, they seem to have no concern that individual rights are being infringed upon.

Maine said...

I did as you suggested and did find an article on this from the WSJ and a number of internet blogs etc. I agree that too many of our elected officials are silent on these issues, but according to what I read the questions were raised by Senators Wyden, Udall and Leahy-all Democrats.
The link below I is informative.