Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Indianapolis Battles Escorts While Senseless Shootings Continue To Escalate

Reading the latest press release from the Ballard administration you would never know that another six persons were the victims of a rash of shootings in the city last night that left one former high school girls' basketball standout dead. Mayor Ballard's office wants you to know that he's fighting the real crime concern in the city--prostitution. Yes, the Department of Code Enforcement is bragging about an undercover sting operation that netted four arrests for prostitution. Six people were cited for failure to have an escort license, while one person was cited for failing to have a message therapist license. I'm sure happy to know the Mayor is keeping us safe from prostitutes.


Cato said...

The police aren't created to safeguard public safety. The police are created to control the citizenry and inculcate docility in the governed.

Once you understand their real purpose, you'll find much greater clarity and constitency in their actions.

Of course, they occasionally have to act like they're preserving public safety to keep up appearances, but this activity is a small part of their business.

Their most famous actions in the name of "safety," occur when they've started a fight with a citizen who refuses to submit and dares to stand his ground or return fire.

All too often, the police, themselves, breach the peace.

SW Lane said...

No Cato, that is only your sad little fantasy, bolstered by a weapon that compensates for your lack of genitalia, complete with a dearth of common sense and lack of training. If you were to start shit with any police officer, you'd assume a fetal position and shit your pants.

Begone, Child. This forum is for Adults.

CircleCityScribe said...

-Yeah! What SW Lane said!

Cato, be gone.

(BTW, you take your meds today, Cato? -And what attendant at 'the home' let you have access to the internet?)