Thursday, July 12, 2012

Democrats' Opposition Research On Buschon Leaked

A conservative watchdog group, Media Trackers, says it was able to gain access to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's opposition research files on 12 incumbent Republican congressmen, including Indiana's U.S. Rep. Larry Buschon, due to a "glitch" on the committee's website. While the Buschon file contains a lot of information on his political views and where he gets his political funding, there is nothing earth-shattering contained in it. You can view the file here. Brian Sikma, a political hack from Indiana who now works for Media Trackers, was all giddy about the find. “This could be the single biggest political intelligence coup of the 2012 battle for Congress,” said Brian Sikma, a spokesman for Media Trackers. A spokesman for the DCCC claims the information was intended for public consumption. “This information is posted on our public website, where voters can learn what their Republican member of Congress has said and done,” DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson told The Daily Caller.

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