Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Media Searches For New False Narrative As Old Obama Narrative Collapses

Several new books by reputable authors have completely shattered the false biographical narrative Barack Obama constructed in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father." As Joel Gilbert releases his latest documentary, "Dreams From My Real Father," attempts are being made by the mainstream media to find an ancestral link between Obama and an African slave. Since they couldn't find a link on his supposed father's side, they are now claiming that one of his white mother's ancestors was actually an African slave. To accept this narrative, you have to believe that one of Dunham's ancestors named "John Bunch" is the son of "John Punch," an African-American slave. This appears to be just another diversion to avoid broaching the compelling case Joel Gilbert makes that Barack Obama, Sr. was not Obama's biological father. Gilbert pieces together a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to Frank Marshall Davis, a prominent member of the American Communist Party with strong ties to the former Soviet Union. Obama's white grandfather, Stanley Dunham, took Obama to visit Davis at least once a week while he was living with his grandparents in Hawaii at the instructions of his mother. Obama bares no family resemblance to his claimed Kenyan father while he bares a striking resemblance to Davis. Below is a trailer to Gilbert's documentary. You can also view an interview Gilbert gave to Alex Jones explaining how he reached his conclusion that Obama's real father is Davis here. This offers an explanation for the various anomalies concerning the Hawaiian birth certificate, why there exists no record of a marriage between Dunham and Obama, why immigration officials believed there was no bona fide marriage between Dunham and Obama and why so many of Obama's childhood photos are photoshopped. The Kenyan father narrative was all made up.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

And today, while having coffee with CNN on, I caught a rolling display of words, stating that 'proof' was found that Obama's DNA shows that he had ancestors that were formerly slaves in America. Do you know anything about that report, Gary?