Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tully Likes Donnelly For Senate, Big Surprise

Star political columnist Matt Tully all but endorses Joe Donnelly for the U.S. Senate in his Sunday column. This should come as no surprise to voters since Tully is still smarting over Richard Mourdock's landslide victory over Richard Lugar, the only politician in Indiana who can do no wrong in Tully's eyes. Tully didn't even mind that Lugar had committed vote fraud for decades by registering and casting votes from an Indiana residence at which he didn't reside, but he thought Charlie White was a "poor lost soul" and an "embarrassment" because he registered to vote at his ex-wife's home for a several month period while he was in between homes. So why is Tully so big on Donnelly? Tully says because "he delivers a message built around two core ideas: create more jobs and turn Washington, D.C. into less of a toxic dump."

Tully condemns Mourdock for being what he calls a "partisan warrior" for refusing to deal on the same terms as Congress and the President have engaged one another in dealing with the nation's massive budget deficits. Tully has labeled Mourdock's plan to reduce federal spending "laughable" because it calls for the elimination of several federal agencies. I guess Tully doesn't find "laughable" or even a cause for concern the more than $4 trillion Congress and the President have added to the national debt over the past four years with no concrete plan for controlling deficit-spending at any point in the foreseeable future. Tully praises Donnelly's support of Obamacare, which represents the largest expansion of the federal government in the role of providing health care to Americans, including a massive expansion of the Medicaid program for low-income persons without any mechanism for paying for it. That to Tully is a "simple message worth hearing if you're tired of all the political dysfunction."  That to Tully makes Donnelly "an appealing candidate." Oy veh!

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patriot paul said...

Tully has never been a deep thinker and has never offered anything except cynicism against conservatives. Perhaps the only redeeming sentence is the first" It's easy to be deepressed about policitcs these days." - and add to that the cynicism of wanna-be pundits who have nothing positive to say. Donnelly's answer to producing jobs is a walk-a-thon. "I'll walk from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River to meet with anyone of any party if it would result in 10 more jobs...". Add to that Tully's own statement that 'Mourdock has been Donnelly's most valuable political asset..". Wow, quite an indictment of Donnelly's campaign to be so empty of it own political ideas except to walk for jobs. Let us know if both Tully & Donnelly need a new pair of shoes or new feet to replace the ones from their mouths.