Monday, July 02, 2012

Brightpoint Gambit Pays Off For The Insiders

Brightpoint made a lot of money for corrupt business insiders in Indianapolis who make all of their money off insider trading deals. Now the Plainfield-based company is being snatched up by Ingram Micro for $840 million, proving once again that the only way to get ahead in business in America is to lie, cheat and steal. Yeah, this is the company that made tens of millions of dollars for Tim Durham, Bernie Madoff, et al. back in the day from a stock pumping scheme that works all the time without legal consequences for the only people who actually make money playing the stock market, which has become nothing but one giant Casino where the house always wins and the schmucks who walk through the door get their pockets cleaned out. The company's founder, Robert Laikin, is the brother of Dan Laikin, who wasn't as fortunate as his brother. He's doing 45 months in prison for his scheme to pump the price of National Lampoon, Inc., the company that Durham ran after Dan got busted by the feds. The IBJ ran a story awhile back waxing a tale about how Dan Laikin's arrest by the feds supposedly spurred the FBI investigation of Tim Durham after he started talking to the feds about Durham. Don't believe a word of it. It's a complete lie. The so-called incriminating information supposedly offered to the FBI had already been provided to the FBI, the SEC and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indianapolis long before Laikin was in federal custody. The government didn't even charge Durham with the other crimes it knew he and a bunch of other prominent Indianapolis businessmen had committed. As always, justice is selectively meted out. Crime pays for the only people who count in this country.

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marksmall2001 said...

I am not facetious when I say it was morally descpiable, although not on the same level as the swindles you describe, that such s******ds bought National Lampoon. That would have been the same as if the Committee to Re-elect the President (Nixon's CREEP) somehow had purchased Doonesbury.