Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drive-By Media Continues Hits On Palin The Facts Be Damned

Palin Derangement Syndrome continues to cloud the judgment of our left-leaning media in all matters pertaining to Sarah Palin. The National Enquirer claimed a bombshell story linking Palin's husband Todd to a female massage therapist busted in Anchorage for prostitution. "The scandal not only has the potential to sabotage Palin's possible 2012 White House bid, but also threatens to destroy her marriage sources say," declared the gossip tabloid. It appears the tabloid relied on an anonymous e-mail to tie Todd Palin to Shailey Tripp, the woman accused of prostitution. "My sources reveal that a massage therapist and computer technologist, Shailey Tripp, has an affair with Todd Palin that lead [sic] to her arrest March of 2010," claimed the anonymous e-mail relied upon by the National Enquirer. The anonymous e-mail claimed tenants saw Todd coming and going frequently from Tripp's office and heard noises "that sounded like someone was having sex."

Soon after the story broke in the National Enquirer, it was picked up by the New York Daily News, Vanity Fair magazine, Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine and lefty Internet bloggers of all stripes. Apparently, nobody bothered to contact the Anchorage Police Department in the media's frenzy to inflict damage on Palin, who we recently witnessed being unfairly blamed for the horrific Tucson shootings by Jared Loughner that left a federal judge dead, U.S. Rep. Gabbie Gifford seriously wounded and more than a dozen others killed or injured. Last night, the Anchorage Police Department responded to the scurilous accusations against Todd Palin with the following statement:

The Anchorage Police Department investigation and arrest of Shailey Tripp has recently been mischaracterized in internet blogs and in a National Enquirer article. Several errors regarding the investigation and arrest were reported in the Enquirer article (printed and internet versions):

•None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.

•The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.

•No rolodex was seized and taken into evidence.

•The National Enquirer has not contacted Anchorage Police Department Public Affairs Unit to fact check its story so their reported “call to Anchorage Police Department” could not have been returned.

•“Bloggers” have had no access to the evidence seized so their linking of evidence in police custody to any other person is incorrect.
Yeah, some anonymous nobody fabricates a total lie, just like they did when they claimed Palin's daughter Bristol actually gave birth to her son Trigg and the Palins were simply covering up for their daughter's teen-age pregnancy during the 2008 presidential race shortly after John McCain picked her to be his vice-presidential running mate, and everyone on the Left runs with the story and prints it as fact without even bothering to check it out. Will any of them apologize to the Palins? Hell no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a part of the crowd urging Palin to run for president in 2012. I personally like her, but I don't think she is a good choice to lead this country. I just don't understand the whole Palin Derangement Syndrome that leads these people to resort to such extreme measures to demonize and discredit her and her family.


Wilson46201 said...

you certainly accepted the National Enquirer as a model of journalistic probity and integrity when they started stories about Edwards

Gary R. Welsh said...

The Edwards story was extremely well-sourced before they published it as I pointed out at the time. They tailed him to the hotel to visit his lover and the love child and caught him. They had sources with first-hand knowledge. Edwards is a top-notch trial lawyer who would have sued their asses off it wasn't true and they knew it. That was also true of their reporting on Gary Hart's affair with Donna Rice, pictures and all. The Globe ran with the Larry Sinclair stories on Obama, but the Globe had first-hand account as told by Sinclair and the receipts he had to document his travels to Chicago at the times he claimed his hook-ups with Obama took place and his sworn statement.

artfuggins said...

Sorta likes all of the lies and gossip about where President Obama born.

Gary R. Welsh said...

McCain produced his original long-form birth certificate; Obama refused to do the same. He authored an auto biography that only created more doubt and confusion about his birth and parentage. School records in Indonesia, which he didn't produce, affirm he was an Indonesian citizen known as Barry Soetoro whose father was Lolo Soetoro. Questions of multiple social security numbers being used by him and a dubious selective service registration both cast further doubt on the narrative. Nobody in the mainstream media has attempted to perform the basic research they have done with every other person who has held the office of president. He has been given a complete pass as he spends millions of dollars on legal fees blocking access to any number of records that have been typically revealed for other persons who have held that office. The doubts raised about him are well-grounded. Simply name-calling anyone who raises these legitimate issues as a racist or crazy birther has only further alienated the man from large segments of the country who have no trust or confidence in him or his legitimacy to hold that office.

M Theory said...

Lies and gossip about where Obama was born?

Surely you didn't miss THIS bit of news today that the Hawaiin hospitals acknowledge no birth cert in Hawaii exists for our president who was raised in Indonesia.

Here's one of many articles:

M Theory said...

Art? Can you PROVE where Obama was born?

Do you have some kind of verifiable knowledge. Have you seen the birth cert with attending physician's signature.

Surely, you don't think Obama's own grandmother is a liar, do you?

Pete Boggs said...

What's a little ID; between voting, airport security, beer buying, check cashing & having utilities put in your name?