Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hoge's Father Lashes Out At Freshman Victim And His Attorney

The father of Brandon Hoge, one of the former Carmel High School basketball seniors who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery charges committed against a former freshman basketball player, held a press conference late this afternoon at which he lashed out at the claims forwarded by the victim and his attorney that he was sexually assaulted by his son and the other three senior players, Oscar Falodun, Robert Kitzinger and Scott Lawskowki, each of whom have also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. Hoge's father, Craig Hoge, insists the victim suffered no physical harm from the incidents and was actually a willing and friendly participant in the "horseplay." He said his son's position on what happened is supported by the school bus video, which the victim's attorney has implied was altered. Hoge's father threatened to sue anyone who continues to claim his son sexually assaulted the freshman team member. Hoge's father claims there is no evidence to support the accusations leveled by the victim and his attorney, Robert Turner, and that the players, Carmel High School, its administrators and law enforcement have been unfairly impugned by the victim's accusations. With the criminal charges now being resolved, it looks like it's up to attorney Robert Turner to either put up or shut up in presenting a civil case to prove the claims he and his client have been making for the past year.


Jon said...

Is dad now fighting the impending lawsuit in the press?

varangianguard said...

Several thoughts.

First, "no lasting physical harm"? So, is he admitting that other kinds of harm are not excluded?

Second, I imagine the parents of the defendents are angry because they feel singled out for behaviors that have run rampant in Carmel (at least) for years.

Finally, I think that the defendents' parents have decided that the best defense is a good offense. "Kudos" to the local media for allowing the case to be decided in the public arena via two minute, edited clips.

Marycatherine Barton said...

The poor parents of all these Carmel boys, victims and accused. They must be so torn up.

Unknown said...

Turner has a significantly less than savory reputation in quite a few circles. I'd be curious to see what's going on behind the scenes that the media hasn't picked up on.