Sunday, January 23, 2011

Politico: Daniels Is "Heartthrob Of The Elites"

Politico's Jonathan Martin flatters supporters of a presidential bid by Gov. Mitch Daniels in a story focused on his support among media pundits and columnists.

If pundits and columnists represented the GOP base, Mitch Daniels would be the odds-on favorite for the presidential nomination in 2012.

The Indiana governor has been showered with favorable coverage from political thinkers and analysts in recent months, most of which heaped praise on his thoughtful and principled approach to governing while celebrating his serious yet down-to-earth mien.

Supporting his premise, Martin notes The New York Times’ David Leonhard says Daniels has "the most credibility", David Broder says his record is "dazzling" and Rich Lowry calls him "a Reaganite who is not trapped in 1980s nostalgia." The bad news for Daniels: "Bruce Babbitt, Paul Tsongas, Ross Perot, John Anderson, Lamar Alexander and John McCain in 2000 all won plaudits from elites for their willingness to speak hard truths about the real problems facing the country rather than just pandering to the partisan rabble."


Citizen Kane said...

Yeah, I am just waiting for the pundits and columnist to tell me who to support. Let's see what they think of Daniels when the state budget implodes.

dcrutch said...

Painful ironies: Daniels might- might be the best person for the job among limited realistic possibilities, but won't be a possibility because he won't pursue it at all or until the assembly session is over (despite being well behind Romney, Palin, and Pawlenty). Granted, as a "compromise" candidate, or in a growing adoration led by the press (don't count on it), he might overcome his present position. Who would have predicted a President Obama a few years ago?

However, with the dutiful digging of one corrupting situation after another locally, the national press will be only too willing to hang Daniels by any and all unearthed scandals, while just as dutifully not uncovering nary another rock about the enigmatic President Obama.

The muckracking our city, state, and country desperately need reinvigorated, will possibly be the downfall of Governor Daniels' rendition of a return to reality: personal responsibility, limited government, and business as an economic engine (versus the fable that government can fix everything- even without tax revenue).

I hold investigative reporting in just about the highest of esteem. We also face a breathtakingly chilling prospect of another four years of "the Change". What is or isn't the hill we want to die upon?

varangianguard said...

Well, that's great. But, two things will haunt the Governor's chances.

1) His fiasco with the budgetary projection for the war in Iraq.

2) His seeming inability to select competent managers, along with his hands-off management style. He won't do it, they all too often can't.

dcrutch said...

No disagreement. Do those trump?:

1) Government as sole provider (as exemplified by nationalized health care)

2) Redistribution of wealth (seizure of industrial bond investment)