Monday, June 29, 2009

CIB Bailout A Problem For Democrats, If Not Republicans

Again, it looks like those of us who want the CIB bailout punted for good from State House budget negotiations will have to rely on the Democrats. "That bailout rankles some lawmakers from other parts of the state, who are reluctant to support a budget that helps Indianapolis but doesn't address needs in their communities," writes the Star's Mary Beth Schneider. "Putting the CIB in the budget makes it three times as difficult," [House Speaker Pat] Bauer said.

Apparently, Republicans from outside Marion County aren't bothered about bailing out the CIB, just the Democrats. Quietly, several Marion Co. GOP lawmakers will tell you they don't like the CIB bailout but refuse to speak out publicly against it. They simply want to use the excuse that they had a choice between an up or down vote on the budget or shut down all of state government.

The Democrats aren't your friend on this issue (if you oppose the bailout) any more than the Republicans are. The Democrats will gladly agree to include the CIB bailout as long as the state budget includes some lousy items Democrats from Lake County or elsewhere insist on being included in the state budget. It comes down to how much bad the Republicans are willing to accept in the state budget to make sure the downtown elites get their annual payoff courtesy of taxpayers.


Chris Worden said...

I thought the "Democrat solution" for the CIB used gaming primarily? At least that would be an "optional" tax instead of raising parking costs or food and beverage taxes on everybody.

Blog Admin said...


So many ideas have been proposed but rarely made it into an actual bill, or out of subcommittee, etc...

You're probably right, but I don't recall any bill that I've read using gaming revenue. Just politicians spouting out crap ideas.

M Theory said...

Everyone involved in this mess is a coward. The only politician I've seen with any courage whatsoever regarding the CIB bailout is Indianapolis City Councilor Ed Coleman.