Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls IHSAA Basketball Finals Moves To Fort Wayne

Indianapolis will not play host to the girls high school basketball finals in 2010. The IHSAA is moving the girls' finals to Fort Wayne's War Memorial Coliseum. "Neither Indianapolis venue used in recent years - Conseco Fieldhouse, which hosted the girls state finals from 2001-2008, nor Lucas Oil Stadium, which hosted in 2009 - was available for use on next year's date," WTHR reports. Fort Wayne beat out competing bids submitted by IU and Ball State University. Indianapolis' financially-struggling CIB must not be cancelling events yet, a threat it has made if taxpayers aren't compelled to pay higher taxes and divert more state revenues to support the facilities leased to the professional sports team owners.


Downtown Indy said...

Didn't Jimmy Irsay say he was going to subsidize IHSAA's use of the LOS for the next 3 years?

Did he already know about this conflict? Or did he only include football in his offer?

Downtown Indy said...

The word today is another $700K is being put into acoustical changes after the debacle when the first concert revealed that concerts sound awful in a giant hollow box.

The purported funding for this uses $200K from the CIB and $500K from the concert promoter, and the CIB's money was 'in the original stadium budget (according to WISH-TV).

I'm doubting the promoter's books will substantiate this 'split' and it's all done with 'CIB math' so that it's all money siphoned from other pots. A concert promoter that willingly kicks in 3/4 Mil to upgrade a venue? I don't think so.

But I'm especially wondering where this 'in the budget' money came from with all the cutting and trimming we've heard about recently. It's the first I've heard of it.

Jon E. Easter said...

The Colts are sponsors of the football finals.

Also, the IHSAA release doesn't say anything about the price of using the facility...just that both Conseco and Lucas Oil were not available for use that week.

Unknown said...

Its great new that they have now moved. game sportswear