Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Obama Claims U.S. One Of The Largest Muslim Countries

President Barack Obama told French reporters that Americans love all things French, and that the U.S. is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Both are total lies, but what do you expect from a guy whose entire life story is built around self-serving mythology and fabrications. The foreign press and ABC News' Jack Tapper have also taken note of the fact that while it was unspeakable to utter the word "Muslim" or his middle name, "Hussein", during last year's campaign without being labeled a religious bigot, Obama himself is now embracing his "inner Muslim" self. The Telegraph's Toby Harnden discusses this major transformation:

It is important to note that "if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world".

So says President Barack Obama. Or I should say: Barack Hussein Obama.

That's right: Barack Hussein Obama. Say it proud. Say it out loud. The middle moniker that dared not speak its name during the election campaign is now front and centre of the US president's attempt to woo the Muslim world, the theme of his visits to Riyadh on Wednesday and Cairo on Thursday.

Petrified of the potential political fallout of being branded a Muslim, Candidate Obama - a practicing Christian - never used the name "Hussein" and its use was frowned upon as a forbidden code for the nutty accusation that he was some kind of Islamic Manchurian candidate.

No more. To say Barack Hussein Obama - BHO for short - now appears to be the height of political correctness.

As I argue in this analysis for the Telegraph dead tree edition, Obama is seeking to return to a Middle East policy based on realism - buttressed by the bona fides of his own multi-cultural (including Muslim) background.

In Strasbourg two months ago, the president tried out his full name. Days later in Ankara, he was introduced to the Turkish parliament by his full name.

As ABC's Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller astutely outline here, the Obama administration is embracing the new president's inner Muslim, as it were. Deputy national security adviser stated that Obama had "experienced Islam on three continents...growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father -- obviously Muslim Americans [are] a key part of Illinois and Chicago".

So that's once, twice, three times a Muslim?

Just in case the Arab world hasn't yet got this message of inbuilt tolerance, Mr Obama himself has gone a step further. In an interview with France's Canal Plus released on Tuesday evening, he suggested that the United States might be a Muslim country.
For those of you who are shaking your heads in disbelief at Barack Hussein Obama's absurd assertions, Debbie Schlussel offers a reality check. She cites a Pew study, which indicates Muslims comprise only 1.8 million of all Americans, or about 0.6% of the population. Recall that Obama said during an earlier trip to Turkey while speaking before the Turkish parliament that the U.S. was no longer a Christian nation.

I'll also be accepting apologies from the Obama lovers who persisted in labeling me a religious bigot for reporting accurately on his Muslim heritage in last year's election.

Meanwhile, President Obama is meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah for the second time of his short presidency as he prepares to deliver a major speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt. Remember the bow that wasn't a bow during his last meeting with the King? Our president is staying at Abduallah's horse farm in the desert overnight. I suspect it's not the kind of horse farm you and I have ever visited. Fear not, though, George W. Bush stayed at the same horse farm during one of his visits to Saudi Arabia.


Seth M. Ward said...

No disrespect meant, but don't you think that there are other studies that would state otherwise to the amount of Muslim's in the U.S.? Google revealed a lot of article's stating figures well above what the study you referenced in your blog.....just a thought.

bobisimo said...

Doesn't even matter if it's "well above" if you trust sites like Politifact. They argue that, at best, the US would rank 29th of the top Muslim nations. And that's with an 8 million figure.