Monday, June 08, 2009

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. Budget Facing Scrutiny

Fellow blogger Paul Ogden raises some troubling concerns about the taxpayer-funded Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.'s budget. Not surprisingly, Ogden discovered a lot of high-paid positions at the nonprofit agency and a stockpile of cash. Believe it or not, IDI had more than $7 million in invested funds according to the nonprofit's 2007 tax return. Here's a look at some of the salaries being paid by the IDI:

  • Tamara Zahn, President--$185,000
  • Julia Watson, Vice President of Marketing--$108,000
  • Molly Williams, Vice President of Finance--$89,000
  • Fredric Laughlin, Director of Management Services--$89,000
  • Terry Sweeney, Vice President of Real Estate Development--$88,500
  • Anne Maschmeyer, Beautification's Manager--$70,000
  • Henry Bosworth, Bike Patrol Coordinator--$51,400

Ogden's post notes that Indianapolis taxpayers provide over a $1 million a year in funding to Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., an agency that is always pleading with your government officials to provide multi-million-dollar subsidies to private developers in the downtown area. The IDI's Sweeney testified at last week's Metropolitan Development Commission hearing in favor of a more than $20 million public subsidy for private developer Tadd Miller's mixed use development at the site of the old Bank One operations center next to the Market Square arena site. Despite its public funding, IDI operates without any public scrutiny of its budget, not unlike the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, which receives at least $10 million a year in public funding from the financially-troubled Capital Improvement Board.

Note: One of the IDI's employees, Bike Patrol coordinator Henry Bosworth, is also identified on the Indianapolis Star's database of Marion County employees as a Special Deputy for the Marion County Sheriff's Office earning $59, 210.06. A commenter on Ogden's blog claims Bosworth is also employed as police chief for the Homecroft Police Department. The commenter quips, "[Bosworth] has 3 full-time jobs. When does he sleep?"


Patriot Paul said...

The moonlighting continues, along with any perceived conflicts of interest as long as it is kept private out of public light? Didn't we just go through this with the metal recycling drama?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

When does Hank sleep? Anytime he wants! Who's going to try to do anything about it. (The last sentence was NOT a question. It was a statement of fact.)

M Theory said...

High on Ted Bulthaup's list is the IDI....

He's the Hollywood Bar & Filmworks guy.

It's time to write him. He knows where to find IDI skeletons.

I've got his email if you guys don't have it.

Seth M. Ward said...

Can I get on this gravy train?

Downtown Indy said...

Ted's parting remarks:

Say Goodbye to Hollywood (in PDF format)

Baloo said...

Hank does a lot of good. I see IDI Bike Patrols every time I am downtown... (rolls eyes)... That is sarcasm in case you could not detect it.

If digging was done on Hank, you would find a lot of skeletons in his closet.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Actually if you're consistent, Zahn's compensation approaches $200thousand as she gets over $13,000 contributed to her employee compensation plan. That amount was included with regard to the other IDI officers and employees.

Baloo, the tax return unfortunately covers only 2007. So I dont know that Bosworth was working the three jobs during that time. But I suspect he was working at least two full time jobs.

Indy4U2C said...

Hank "Fatso" Bosworth is the "Bike Patrol" coordinator???

Please, Gary, post a picture of Bosworth on a (heavy duty) bicycle!!!!!

Now for conflict of interest: How can he earn a large salary on the public dole working for Sheriff Frank Anderson AND MAKE $50K working for IDI???

Sounds like a job for the U. S. Attorney!

Baloo said...

I know he has been Town Marshal for Homecroft for years, and I know he was working for the Sheriff Department prior to 2007 and still works there.

I know he had an Office at IMPD Downtown Roll Call until the Mayor took control over IMPD again. He also had an Office at the Indpls Public Safety Training Academy, and at IDI.

Anonymous said...

IDI and the CIB are nothing more than make work entities for political hacks and cronies. Now these organizations might actually have a need to exist, but it is obvious to me that they are used to line the pockets of the connected using taxpayer money.

It is funny how folks get upset at their firefighters and cops asking for more money, yet only a few care about these folks at IDI and the CIB raking in the money.

Now I know why the cops and firefighters got municipalities by the balls everywhere. They keep the peace, throw stuff like this our in front of heads of state, then demand to know why a cop's work isn't worth $50K, then $55K/year, then $60K/year.