Monday, September 01, 2008

Nobama Bounce Means Palin Must Be Destroyed

Polls taken post-convention now confirm that Sen. Barack Obama left his much ballyhooed convention in Denver without a bounce. The race is a dead heat where it was at the start of the Democratic National Convention last week. Polls taken during the convention suggested Obama was getting a bounce, but his lead quickly evaporated upon Sen. John McCain's surprise announcement on Friday that he had chosen Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, a move that immediately reinvigorated McCain's base and produced record, single day contributions to his campaign of over $4 million.

Obama's campaign and supporters immediately jumped on Palin's experience, but they didn't stop there. The below-the-belt hits on Palin over the past few days by the Obama crowd have been unprecedented. They're knocking her religious beliefs, her hairdo, her dress, her looks and her former job as a TV sports announcer. And those are the least offensive hits on her. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo assures us that a so-called Troopergate scandal will sink Palin. Apparently Palin was a bad girl because she wanted a state trooper fired who had once been married to her sister and who had been disciplined multiple times for misconduct, including drinking on the job, using a taser on his step-son and threatening to kill Palin's father. Contrast that with Bill Clinton's Troopergate scandal, which involved Clinton's use of state troopers to procure women for his sexual pleasure. John Aravosis at America Blog immediately constructed a time line he says proves that Palin must have been at least 3-4 weeks pregnant with her first child when she got married. Daily Kos topped that one with an incredible claim that Palin's teen-age daughter and not her gave birth to baby Trig, who was born in April with Down Syndrome. The blog produced a photo it claimed was proof that Palin's daughter had a muffin in the oven. The only problem was that the photo was taken in 2006.

So you can see how the Obama folks are going to play ball over the next 60 days, and it's not softball. This tells me the Obama campaign's study of polling data over the past fews weeks has convinced them the tide has turned in a big way against Obama. Doubts about Obama are growing by the day. Obama's choice of Joe Biden has proven to be one big flop. To put it bluntly, Biden has been YouTubed by his own stupid mouth running. This has placed Obama and the Democrats in a place of desperation. The campaign has no other choice it figures than to personally destroy Sen. McCain and his new running mate, Gov. Palin. But will it be enough to counter the onslaught Obama is facing?

There remains significant unanswered questions about Obama's eligibility to run for president. Indonesian school records indisputably represent that Obama's last name had been changed from Obama to Soetoro, his step-father's last name, and that he was enrolled in school there as an Indonesian citizen. This suggests Obama was indeed adopted by his step-father and became a citizen of Indonesia. Although the mainstream media refuses to address this issue, it raises serious doubts about whether Obama meets the natural born citizen constitutional requirement for being president. Through the work of citizen bloggers, the citizenship question is gaining currency among the voting public. And there also remains a distinct possibility that numerous lawsuits may be filed across the nation over the next few weeks challenging Obama's eligibility. Making matters worse for Obama are new disclosures about his close relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers, which threatens to unhinge his campaign completely. Censorship efforts by the Obama campaign are underway to block disclosure of this information.

Back home in Chicago, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has reportedly been meeting with convicted felon and close Obama friend, Tony Rezko, who is sitting in a jail cell awaiting what could be a lengthy federal prison sentence. A recent Sun-Times story suggests this could mean Rezko is now cooperating with federal investigators. Rezko is scheduled to be sentenced just days before this November's election. Obama used Rezko to purchase his million-dollar mansion on Chicago's South Side, a deal some would argue put at least $300,000 in Obama's pocket tax free courtesy of the convicted felon. Former Joe Biden political adviser, Joe Cari, has already pleaded guilty to accepting payoffs for influence peddling in the administration of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and is cooperating with federal investigators. Obama must be having a lot of sleepless nights these days fearing what may come of Fitzgerald's investigation.

Fasten your seat belts. This presidential campaign season is going to be one wild ride over the next 60 days.


Anonymous said...

Gary, I think the point you've unintentionally proven with this post is that when it comes to political conspiracies, people believe as much as they want to believe. For instance in the eyes of people wanting to believe their own biases, a black candidate with an African father must be an anti-white, anti-American secret Muslim whose family engaged in a conspiracy to forge Hawaiian vital statistics in 1961. For those wanting to validate their biases about ultra-religious people, it's very plausible for them to believe a story about how a religious candidate who doesn't want even married couples to have birth control just might cover up the fact that their teenage daughter had a secret pregnancy. Frankly, I think that conspiracy makes as much sense as Area 51, or the notion that the Denver International Airport holds a secret lizard alien government.

In short, it's a shame that this election has degenerated into "my candidate is a hero who walks on water, while yours is evil incarnate". It's equally a shame, Gary, that you fail to see the idiocy behind the conspiracies that you yourself flog on this site.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry, small question, but the fact that a candidate may not meet the constitutional qualification to be president is a relevant issue. We can't discuss it because anything which might bear negatively on Obama is automatically deemed as being racist. We have had it with these racism charges. We will bring up legitimate issues about Obama and we will tell the American peole the truth. Obama makes his religion an issue by lying about it. And he is the one who chose to join a church that promotes black identity theology, which promotes hatred of white people. Your candidate reaps what he sows. I and other Americans will fight for the truth to the last day of this campaign. Unlike you, I criticize John McCain when I disagree with what he says. He doesn't come close to walking on water. I was never so outraged as during the 60 minutes interview when Joe Biden said that Obama had reached up and touched the lightning, as if he is a massiah. My God, what is wrong with you people. The only thing the man has ever done is give a good speech. Name one thing he ever did for his country. Please, just one thing.

Anonymous said...

So, Gary, put your cards on the table. Do you actually believe that Obama hates white people? Moreover, do you think he'd govern out of revenge against white people? Seriously, do you actually truly in your heart believe that?

I don't think you're a racist, Gary. I think you are showing a dangerous belief that every half-baked Obama conspiracy is gospel truth.

For the record, I think the Palin pregnancy story is complete bunk. Given the "do as I say, not as I do" morality of the GOP over the last 25 years or so, it doesn't surprise me that the story has received as much blog traction as it has.

I do find it somewhat hysterical that she's getting the same "show us the birth certificate" cries that the nutters on the right have been flinging at the left. You guys really like to dish it out, but whine like children when it boomerangs.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Small-question, I don't know how someone could possibly sit through church services at Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years and listen to Rev. Wright's sermons if you didn't believe at least some of what he was saying from the pulpit. I believe Obama is more of a cynical, self-serving politician than a racist. I think he joined Wright's church simply to obtain an instant network to help propel his political career. He got what he wanted from Wright and his church and then conveniently discarded them when they were no longer useful for his political aims. Regardless of which is the case, Obama does not come off looking good. There's nothing conspiratorial about Obama's religion. It's all there for everyone to see. You just don't like what you see.

Anonymous said...

Now we're on a first name basis wth the Blog-host, small-question? Familiarity breeding contempt is it? A known regular tactic by the Lefties, btw. I suggest you watch re-runs of PeeWee Herman.

The BASIC fact that almost ALL of the Media, on both sides of the spectrum, are NOT speaking on the eligibility issue smacks of outright fear. 1)It's actually true, and they have no good way to spin it, period. 2)It's splitting hairs (lying to grand juries about sex isn't actually lying to grand juries) and the damage done by open discussions will still cost the Dems any iota of a chance to win POTUS. Dam(n), that sucks!

This is a good case study in Censorship by the Media, across all spectrums. Hopefully, the one outlet left to the People will push this to the forefront. TalkRadio, that is. Sorry Dan Rather ... sux to be you!

Personally, I hope Rezko has himself protected (in jail) so the Obama Chicago machine doesn't off his a$$ before November. That's a real possibility with how Obama's been threatening even Fox News with certain Videotape on Barry Obama. What's pathetic is that FoxNews actually caved - even Bill O'Reilly. Guess they really are 70% Liberal, after all.

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT JOE CARL IS DOING INVOLVED WITH THE ILLINOIS GOVERNOR...... DON'T YOU? Even if you're a Lefty, it's dang juicy gossip and there is a need to know, dagummit.