Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Look At Indiana Political Blog Rankings provides rankings for websites based upon alleged web traffic to all sites on the Internet. I plugged in several Indiana political blogs to see what I would come up with and here are the results:

1. Bilerico (178,350)
2. Kenn Gividen's Indiana News (657,454)
3. Advance Indiana (824,135)
4. Hoosier Access (864,223)
5. Howey Political Report (952,007)
6. Blue Indiana (1,276,441)
7. Masson's Blog (1,642,873)
8. Hoosier Pundit (1,808,709)
9. Capital Watch Blog (2,112,032)
10. Indiana Barrister (3,228,368)

Blognet News rates Indiana blogs' influence using some formula which takes into account a number of factors. Their latest ratings for this week show the following:

1. Hoosier Pundit
2. Hoosier Access
3. Advance Indiana
4. Blue Indiana
5. Opening Arguments
6. Masson's Blog
7. Indiana's Conservative Hardball
8. Indiana Barrister
9. Kenn Gividen's Indiana News
10. Bilerico

Not sure that you can extrapolate a whole lot from these rankings. It's just kind of interesting to see what they show. The Alexa rankings are definitely subject to manipulation with add-on tools some bloggers purchase to make it appear traffic is higher to their site than what it actually is. Some complain that the Blog Net ranking is too easily influenced by cross-posting and linking between blogs and is not necessarily a good indication of a blog's influence.

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daltonsbriefs said...

Lots of ways to measure, but ultimately the same sites end up on top of all the rankings. Well written, interactive, transparent type sites.

I would still like to get our political site listed here, I won't spam, but you'll find my sites on my profile. (Porter County Politics and Hoosiers for McCain)