Friday, September 05, 2008

Will Obama Support A Surge In Police To Save Lives In Chicago?

While Sen. Barack Obama has been very critical of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq and has only this week, thanks to tough questioning by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, acknowledged that the surge first proposed by Sen. John McCain has worked in stemming violence there, killings have reached record highs on the streets of Obama's hometown of Chicago. In fact, more people have been murdered in Chicago this summer than the number of soldiers who have lost their lives fighting the war in Iraq. Since January of this year, 291 people have been murdered in Chicago, a substantial jump over last year's murder rate. Of those numbers, 125 took place this summer. During this same period, 65 soldiers were killed in Iraq. Many of the killings took place on the South Side of Chicago where Obama lives. Many of the deaths are gang-related.

It's interesting to observe that earlier this summer, a big Obama supporter and former Chicago alderman, Arenda Troutman, pleaded guilty to bribery and tax charges. Troutman was recorded as saying that all Chicago aldermen are "hos". Troutman's boyfriend, according to the FBI, was a high-ranking member of the Black Disciples and ran a big drug-dealing operation on Chicago's South Side. He just recently turned himself in after being on the lam for several years. Maybe Sen. Obama should be looking out for his constituents back home in Chicago instead of running for president. They seem to need some of that change he's been promising the American people more than some of the rest of us. Obviously, Mayor Richard Daley doesn't get it. He can't even acknowledge the existence of the corrupt political machine over which he presides. Responding to Rudy Giuliani's derisive comments during his RNC speech about the Chicago machine which produced Obama, Mayor Daley said: "I don't know where we get this, this idea that there's a big Democratic machine going on. Chicago and the metropolitan area is very Democratic and the state is. There's no, this machine. I thought it was laughable."


artfuggins said...

Obama has already stated that he will re institute the 100,000 new police on the streets that was discontinued by the Bush administration. However, other than that, this seems to be a local issue.......Mayor Ballard is the one who chose not to hire the 100 extra police officers in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Is Mayor Ballard a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Obama's plans for a safer Chicago are easy: Ban all firearm ownership nationwide. Obama wants strict and harsh gun control. He will elect judges that will over-turn the most current ruling allowing handgun ownership in the home. Obama wants your guns.

garyj said...

If Peterson would have been honest with the people and had a transparent government, rather than hide the real numbers, two things would have happened.
1. We would have the umpteen hundreds of police officers Bart promised.
2. Bart would have been re-elected because he kept his promises and made Indy a safe place to live.
Did you even bother to read "The Peterson Plan"? All of them were full of good ideas, if only he could have been looking out of the citizens instead of himself.
However, Bart Peterson told lies, catered to his wealthy friends to make them wealthier, cheated the taxpayers out of millions of dollars and gave the same dollars to his wealthy friends, lowered the morale of the public servants by dumping on them, lied about how many tax increases he signed, and opened the door at the jail and allowed, even encouraged, Frank Anderson to allow murderers to be set free, only to kill again.

It took Bart Peterson 8 years to get this city in the mess it is in, Greg Ballard, or anyone for that matter, cannot fix it in 9 months. Things that Bart and Co. hid from public view, are still being discovered.
Crawl back under your rock, art46201, you and wilsonfuggins belong in the same circle as Bart Peterson. Enjoy your Koolaid!

Nick said...

I live in Chicago and during last school year, it seemed each week brought news of another Chicago public school student shot.

I find it interesting that we have such high murder rates with Chicago's gun ban in place. It is very similar to the Supreme Court overturned in DC. On the day of that ruling, Mayor Daley held a press conference saying no one should be allowed to own guns in Chicago because friends and families argue at the dinner table and might start shooting one another.

Maybe if Obama wasn't always running for higher office, he'd know what's going on in his own back yard.

It looks like the thugs in this city sure like clinging to their guns...

artfuggins said... can we believe anything you write when you can't even give people the respect to correctly use their names.

garyj said...

You had many chance to prove who you are, art! You refuse. You are too much like Wilson Allen, with a less impressive vocabulary, to be anyone else. You came on board about the same time Wilson was being moderated closely, you think Bart Peterson walked on water and that Greg Ballard can't do anything right. You worship Andre` Carson like he is the Messiah, and just because his name is Carson, he DESERVED the congressional seat.
You refuse to admit when you're wrong, just like Wilson.
I'll at least admit that the Presidential race is going to be too close to call. At least McCain has a voting record in DC that people can see. B. Hussien Obama has NOTHING but his charm and personality.

Wilson46201 said...

GaryJ, you've been tricked by an unscrupulous shyster. I'm not artfuggins.

Shofar said...

Art or Wilson, it matters not! You both are cut from the same cloth, and for all intents and purposes are one in the same ideologically.

As to the killing fields of Chicago. BO has said he is going to re institute the 100K new cops? Really? How is he going to pay for that? Pixie dust and hope?

Crime in Chicago is directly related to a culture of violence that has regained its footing in the city of broad shoulders. As I have stated before on this board, I grew up in that city, Logan Square and the Clearing/West Eldson areas. Chicago is unique in its make up, having been a very segregated city, both racially and ethnically for years. Gangs of varied orientation have existed for years in my hometown, and have caused violence and mayhem going back to the days before Capone.

The surge in murders is not going to be stopped by more cops, just as it won't be stopped in Indy by more cops. The only way to stop spiraling crime is to change the culture that fosters criminal behavior.

A primary way to do that is to bring back into the community the notion of personal responsibility for ones actions, and ties to the community. For several generations we have seen, through judicial fiat and liberal fantasizing, the notion that all problems can be cured by government intervention. They can not!

When we started to bus kids across town under the idea of racial equality, we destroyed the neighborhood school, and broke the commitment to the neighborhood that kids once had.

When we decided to wage war on poverty, we sentenced generations to a cycle of perpetual poverty by taking away the incentive to work. When we put so many snares into the safety net that was/is welfare (if the daddy is around you don't get help, but if you pump out kids we will give you more money) we destroyed the family.

Do you modern day liberals not realize that the policies of LBJ and the progressives of the '60's were by design, set up to keep blacks enslaved to the Democratic machine?

Do you not see that people such as Sanger and Planned Parenthood decided to wipe out an entire race through abortion? Read up on Sanger and her views of race and eugenics. Think about it, 30 million abortions in America since 1973 (Roe v. Wade), of that 19 million were of black babies. That is American genocide! And it is being perpetrated against blacks by the very people they are supporting. Abortion on demand at anytime, for any reason, through any trimester.

As we head into the last 10 weeks or so of the Presidential campaign, I would ask, nay implore, you to think long and hard on one simple question. Do you want the government to control your life, or do you want to control your government? Answer that question, and your choice for POTUS will become apparent.

artfuggins said...

garyj...progress is being have finally admitted that Wilson and I are not the same person. I, like you, am impressed by Wilson's vocabulary. I dumb down my entries so people like you might be able to understand them. I enourage you to list Ballard's accomplishments. While I dont worship Andre Carson as a messiah, I have known him for years and I know what he has to offer the 7th cd....which I live in......he has already made us proud in his short performance in the congress. If he so bad, why did the repub candidate back off saying he couldn't win and was replaced with a no name [but nice] replacement who has no backing and no money and no HOPE.

artfuggins said...

Wilson, one of these days we will have a good laugh over these fools who think we are the same person. Just because we have known each other for several years and are good Democrats and are not afraid to speak up against the lies and the smears, they think we are the same person.

Shofar said...

"Blogger Wilson46201 said... GaryJ, you've been tricked by an unscrupulous shyster. I'm not artfuggins. 6:32 AM EST"

"Blogger artfuggins said...
Wilson, one of these days we will have a good laugh over these fools who think we are the same person. Just because we have known each other for several years and are good Democrats and are not afraid to speak up against the lies and the smears, they think we are the same person. 1:17 PM EST"

Now am I the only one that is confused? Wilson, you call art, "an unscrupulous shyster", from Wikipedia:

A shyster (pronounced \ˈshīs-tər\) is someone who acts in a disreputable, unethical or unscrupulous way, especially in the practice of law and politics, or a con artist. Shyster is a slang word and calling someone a shyster could be considered libellous(sic).

Art, you said that you and Wilson have, "known each other for several years and are good Democrats." You state you are a good Democrat, and Wilson says you are a shyster. Which is it? Or are they the same?

I find it incongruous that two SEPARATE persons who have known each other for several years, and by way of admitted association one would assume, are at least on a friendly basis, "one of these days we will have a good laugh over these fools", would call the other a potentially libelous comment on an open forum such as this. Unless of course, the individual, Wilson, knows that he would not sue the other, Art, because one cannot sue oneself for libeling oneself, can one?

But who am I to say? I do not possess the metal gymnastics that Wilson and Art are attempting to foist on this board. I am but a mere mortal in the eyes of the Obamanites, and therefore not worth of their time or energy.