Sunday, September 07, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding?

It never ceases to amaze me how much our media here in Indiana sits around looking for any reason to puff up Evan Bayh. He ran for president, raised over $10 million and then dropped out many months before a single vote was taken. He endorsed Hillary and put out the word he would be her vice presidential running mate if she got nominated. Hillary loses and he endorses Obama. The Obama campaign cynically plays up his chances of becoming his vice presidential running mate to bring attention to their campaign in Indiana. He got passed over for the vice presidential spot on the Democratic ticket for about the third time, but that still isn't stopping the Star's Mary Beth Schneider from wasting another article speculating on Bayh being named to a ticket in the future. Schneider writes:

Sen. Evan Bayh didn't get picked as the running mate for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, but at 52, he still could be tapped someday to be on someone else's ticket.

Were that to happen while he was still serving in the Senate, a replacement, of course, would have to be found.

Under Indiana law, the governor gets to appoint someone to fill a vacancy in the Senate. That person serves until the next general election.

But it's not that simple.

The law also says a special election would have to be held in November of that year for someone to hold the seat until Bayh's term would have expired. Someone also would be elected in the general election in which Bayh would have been up for re-election.

That person could be the same individual, running in both the special election and the general election. Or he or she could be different people. A Democrat could win one election, and a Republican the other.

Word to Schneider. Your readers might care to read a story about how Bayh and his wife managed to use his political positions as governor and U.S. Senator to parlay an estate worth more than $10 million. Maybe the guy can't move beyond the Senate because he's never done a single thing in public office that warrants advancement to higher office. And her list of possible replacements? Graham Richard, Bart Peterson and Bill Moreau. Real funny stuff there, Mary Beth. Her list of possible Republican replacements is just about as funny. In addition to Mike Pence, which I think many people would take seriously, she lists Teresa Lubbers and Corey Carr. Corey who?


Evan Almighty said...

Evan is all about Evan. He has no shame. He was Hillary's lapdog and now he's Barrack's bit@h. He does what he's told because they got him by the short hairs. I'll bet he wishes he never got involved with those goons in Lake County when they were fishing for a riverboat. You won't read about that in the Star!

Vox Populi said...

I've long considered Pence a future Senate candidate, and I expect that when Lugar retires after this term he will be just that.

I think the only candidate on my side with the ability to beat Pence is probably Brad Ellsworth. I'd put my money on Ellsworth in that race. Unless Mike gets a new tie.

M Theory said...

Gary, I'd love to see you do an article on all the lobbyist spouses and friends of lobbyists who donate to Teresa Lubbers. I've got the list and have noticed several, but I'm sure I'm not connecting nearly all the dots.

Nick said...

I've spoken to a lot of liberals who want nothing to do with Evan. They've all told me "He isn't Birch." They complain he's never authored any major legislation and isn't all that personable.

I saw him at the DNC and he seemed like a has-been. If he was going to be on the national stage, it would have already come.