Friday, September 26, 2008

Moscrip Hits Rodman For Playing Politics With Tax Bills

Marion County Republican Treasurer candidate David Moscrip hit Mike Rodman, the current occupant of that office, for suggesting he might not send out tax bills until after this November's election. In a moment of candor with a reporter for the Star, Rodman let it slip that he had no intention of sending out tax bills right before this November's election. Now he's saying that the election has nothing to do with it; the bills won't be ready to be mailed until mid-to late November. The real problem here is the cost of Rodman's delay. Local governments in Marion County have been forced to borrow money because the bills are going out so late. The longer it takes to get those tax bills mailed, the more interest cost local governments will incur. The failure of the township assessors to do their job in the first instance is the culprit of this problem. Voters need to remember to vote to abolish these outdated vestiges in November. Rodman, on the other hand, does not appear to be doing his job in getting out the bills in an expeditious manner in light of the circumstances and mitigating the damage from the township assessors' failures.


Sean Shepard said...

The tax bills need to be in people's hands before they go to vote. I remember when the property tax fiasco first blew up in 2007 it was just a few days, if memory serves, after the filing deadline to run for office and I am certain there would have been more pro-taxpayer choices in the municipal election(s) if those bills had gone out just two weeks earlier.

thundermutt said...


Playing POLITICS before an ELECTION?

I honestly never expected to see that property tax bill before Nov. 5.

Vox Populi said...

I don't think incumbents of either party want those bills to go out before election day, as both sides are responsible for those taxes.

I agree the bills should be mailed as soon as they're ready. If he is holding them back, that's really unethical.

Jon E. Easter said...

Why would Mike Rodman play politics. While his name is on the bills, he is just the messenger. The real person that would not benefit from property tax bills being sent out is Governor Daniels.

Moscrip is a nice fellow, but it was clear from a recent forum I attended that he knows very little about the job for which he's running.

Mike Rodman has been out in front of the property tax issue from the beginning and has been a fine public servant. It's time to re-elect the banker.