Friday, September 26, 2008

Rezko Cooperating With Fitzgerald's Investigation

When it comes to what's happening in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago, Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed is the go-to girl. There have been rumblings of recent movement in Patrick Fitzgerald's ongoing investigation of political corruption in the Land of Lincoln. Sneed informs us that Obama pal Tony Rezko, who was recently convicted on multiple counts of political corruption, is cooperating with federal investigators while he awaits his sentencing, which is scheduled to take place shortly before this year's election. Sneed writes in her column today:

Sneed hears rumbles that convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko, whose dealings have been linked to Barack Obama and Gov. Blagojevich, is singing to the feds.

• • To wit: "I'm told by a close friend of Rezko that he's cooperating with the feds," said a Sneed source. "I don't know whether he's talking about Gov. Blagojevich or Barack Obama or anyone else," the source said.

• • The shocker: Rezko, a Wilmette businessman who was a top adviser and fund-raiser for Blago, has been locked up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center awaiting an Oct. 28 sentencing -- one week before the presidential election.

• • Background: Convicted in June of wide-ranging fraud tied to kickbacks on state deals, Rezko's involvement in real estate deals with Gov. Blago's wife, Patti, are also under federal scrutiny.

• • The backshot: Rezko's name has continually surfaced as a friend of Obama, who benefitted from a real estate deal involving Rezko -- which involved Obama's Kenwood home. Thus far, no serious paint has been splashed on Obama by the Rezko brush. But rumors abound that the feds have their eyes fixed on Blago and his wife, who firmly maintain their innocence.

• • The buckshot: Being locked up at the MCC has been known to be a sure way to break a felon's silence. Tweet. Tweet.

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