Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Biden: White Suburbia Doesn't Know Obama

Speaking to a group of big donors at a fundraiser at a home in Chicago's Lincoln Park, Sen. Joe Biden attempted to convince big contributors that white women and other ethnic groups were not flocking to the McCain-Palin ticket. Biden told his audience that the problem was that white suburbia just doesn't know who Obama is and it's his job to explain to them who he is. Quoting from the Sun-Times, Biden says:

"The press is exaggerating how white women are all of a sudden for Sarah Palin," Biden said. "We still have more women voting for Barack Obama than for John McCain...Part of the problem is in white suburbia, as well as...among ethnic groups, among, particularly Jews and Catholics, there is a lack of ease about Barack. They don't know him. One of my major jobs is to go out and talk about what I know -- they know me -- talk about who I am, why I support Barack."

Okay, so Obama has been running for president almost non-stop from the day he was elected to the U.S. Senate less than four years ago and people still don't know who he is. Unlike Obama, information about Palin, McCain or Biden is easy to obtain. There are so many people who know them intimately and can provide personal testimonies. Nobody at the Democratic National Convention could provide a personal testimony about Obama other than his wife. He's written two autobiographies about himself, which contain numerous misrepresentations. People who ask questions about the inconsistencies and holes in his biography are accused of being racist bigots. That's exactly what Biden was saying in so many words. White suburbia, Jews and Catholics are uneasy with Obama because he's black and he might also be Muslim he infers. Maybe middle class white voters are concerned about Obama raising their taxes or expanding the role of government over their lives, or his own close association with black separatists. Maybe Jews are worried about Obama's association with so many anti-Semitic, Israel-bashing types. Maybe Catholics don't like Obama's extremist positions on abortion. If this is how Joe is going to help out Obama, then I say keep up the good work. Each of those groups named by Biden are going to abandon Obama in droves. People learned more about Sarah Palin in 10 days than they've learned in years about Obama. Palin's life is no mystery. Obama's is.


MissouriDemocrat said...

I think we know enough about McCain. I surely know enough about Biden to check mark him off any list of honest people. Has anyone seen this article where Barack has the slip of the lip about his faith being Muslim?

Downtown Indy said...

Is THIS Obama's 'H.O.P.E'?

I only ask because just last month Najee Ali went into the slammer for four years. Seems he tried to bribe a witness in his daughter's criminal trial (assault with deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident. Ali's sentence was doubled because of a prior felony.

Yet Barack seems happy to be associated with this guy.

Chris Worden said...


I wanted your take on whether Newsweek was fair to Sarah Palin when it reported that a judge expressed concerns about her Palin (and other family) speaking disparagingly of her ex-brother-in-law in front of his children.

Also, you set forth all of the allegations against this guy, but I don't think you noted that the Alaska state legislature UNANIMOUSLY voted for an investigation of Palin's action with respect to trying to get the ex (police officer) fired.

Finally, I can't find dates of birth for Sarah Palin's children, but I'm told her first child was born eight months after her wedding date (wink, wink). If this is true, is this story fair game? We have an abstinence-only Governor who got pregnant out-of-wedlock, and she raised a daughter in an abstinence-only household who also is having a child out-of-wedlock. Doesn't the obvious two-generation failure of abstinence-only education, and her support for the same, make it worthy of comment?

You seem to think that ANY scrutiny of Palin is a desperate political attack in response to her popularity. But it seems to me that there is a policy connection between her personal life and how we educate teenagers.

In contrast, there is no policy connection that anybody has set forth between Obama and, OH, say Islam, which many of your readers comment on repeatedly.

So can somebody please tell me whether the concern is that Obama will do something for American Muslims? If so, what will that be? Or is the concern that he would do something for Muslims internationally? If so, what would that be? Is he going to let terrorists blow up the White House while he's at Camp David?

At least when I "attack" Sarah Palin, I can show you the policy link. Republicans who attack Obama on a faith he doesn't even subscribe to can't even tell you what he'd do. They just make you fear the possibilities, which is, ironically, the same thing they did when they whipsawed Obama about his Christian minister of 20 years. Obama critics are saying he's not authentically American, but nobody has told me how they expect it will affect anything he does policy-wise.

You see, there are MANY well-pedigreed white men who have comparable positions politically to Obama, and YET, Republicans aren't attacking the POSITIONS as much as Obama's Americanism. Why is that exactly, if it's not traditional "make them fear him" and "divide and conquer" approach historically used by Republican candidates.

Thanks in advance to AI and to its readers for your replies.

Mark said...

"Finally, I can't find dates of birth for Sarah Palin's children, but I'm told her first child was born eight months after her wedding date (wink, wink). If this is true, is this story fair game? We have an abstinence-only Governor who got pregnant out-of-wedlock,"

I was born 7 weeks early, and my wife was born 6 weeks early. Both my parents and my inlaws were married for YEARS before they had us. My neighbors had a little girl at 28 weeks, and the baby survived. Driving up to Greenwood, I pass a billboard every day for St. V's that shows a couple of kids born at 27 weeks. I don't think there's anything there to get all upset over, as it's entirely possible that Palin got pregnant on her honeymoon, or even a couple weeks into her marriage. You've got no proof otherwise - you're chosing to believe something that fits in with your opinion. 9 months is just an average - a large percentage of women don't carry to term.

Also, "I'm told that" is not exactly the kind of information you should be posting - this is exactly how the "Barak Obama is a closet Muslim" malarkey got started. If you've got a fact, post a link. Otherwise, don't post period. There's enough rumor floating around, and all it does is muddy the waters.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

I heartily agree with ipopa..."Finally, I can't find dates of birth for Sarah Palin's children, but I'm told her first child was born eight months after her wedding date (wink, wink). If this is true, is this story fair game?"

And I'm sure that he will agree with me that it's time we find out the truth about where Obama was actually born, what his real name is, and what his citizenship status is.

So he will be joining with me to make sure someone we trust will find out the truth on these matters.

Chris Worden said...


Regarding Obama's eligibility to serve as President, would this require anything else than a lawsuit and a subpoena to the State of Hawaii for a birth certificate of Barack Obama? (After all, Article II just says you have to be a "natural born citizen." Whether Obama's mother got him dual citizenship is irrelevant, isn't it?)

If so, AI...file a lawsuit. Do you know how revered you would be in your party for bringing down Obama if this is true? What's the adage....put your pleadings where your mouth is.

The fact NOBODY has done this speaks pretty loudly about how credible the Republican Party believes this "not a citizen" allegation really is. Seriously, you don't think the RNC would have taken action on this? They file complaints against the DNC ALL THE TIME. Why not here?

I think there's more joy in churning suspicion than in really finding out.

It's funny to me that you have seemingly thousands of people questioning his birth, but NOBODY who has done anything about it, except one guy in Philadelphia. Is this the equivalent of that syndrome where the more people watch someone get beaten up, the less likely it is that anyone does anything!??