Friday, September 05, 2008

Who Paid For Obama's Harvard Law Education?

There are many questions which remain unanswered about the mysterious Barack Obama. The mainstream media has vetted Gov. Sarah Palin more in the past week than they've bothered to vet Sen. Barack Obama over the past year. When you start digging into Obama's background, you turn up more questions than answers.

Obama's father was a Kenyan citizen and his mother was American. His name as a young child was changed to Barry Soetoro when his mother married Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro and moved to Jakarta. Indonesian school records state that Obama was an Indonesian citizen and not an American citizen and that his religion was Islam and not Christian, protestations by Obama to the contrary notwithstanding. When or how Obama acquired U.S. citizenship or changed his name back to Barack Hussein Obama is unclear. A birth certificate produced by the Obama campaign was determined by several document experts to be a forged document.

We know from his autobiography that he had Muslim roommates in college of foreign nationality. Now it turns out that an influential, radical black Muslim with close ties to the Saudi royal family and an outspoken opponent of Israel helped finance Obama's law school education. Obama's benefactor at the young age of 25 is Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour a/k/a Donald Warden. Here are some facts you should know about al-Mansour according to a Newmax investigative report:

  • "He is well known within the black community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken enemy of Israel."
  • In a 1995 book, “The Lost Books of Africa Rediscovered,” he alleged that the United States was plotting genocide against black Americans.
  • He was the mentor of Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale.
  • Al-Mansour’s more recent videotaped speeches focus on Muslim themes, and abound with anti-Semitic theories and anti-Israel vitriol.
  • At the same time he was raising money for Obama's education he was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to do business and exert influence in the United States.
  • He advises Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in his U.S. investments. Prince Talal is most famous for offering $10 million to the City of New York following 9/11, a contribution turned down by Mayor Rudy Giuliani because the Prince said American policies were to blame for the terrorist attacks. Prince Alwaleed has made tens of millions in contributions to Muslim-American charities, some of whose leaders have been charged by our government with terrorism-related ties. Prince Alwaleed also donates millions to Harvard for Islamic studies.

Newmax sought a response from the Obama campaign about the financial assistance Obama received from al-Mansour, but the campaign refused to respond. This disclosure came in a very unlikely fashion. Percy Sutton, a prominent African-American businessman, was being interviewed when he described how he first came to know Obama. “I was introduced to (Obama) by a friend who was raising money for him,” Sutton told NY1 city hall reporter Dominic Carter. “The friend’s name is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, from Texas,” Sutton said. “He is the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men. He told me about Obama.” "Sutton, the founder of Inner City Broadcasting, said al-Mansour contacted him to ask a favor: Would Sutton write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard Law School?"

Think about how many mainstream media reports there have been this past week trying to link Gov. Sarah Palin to the Alaskan Independence Party, which supports secession from the United States. Yet, this revelation about Obama's past received no attention from the news media. Why? Obama critic Andy Martin thinks the revelation is a big one. "This latest disclosure may be the 'smoking gun' that discredits Obama and destroys his candidacy." "And I think I know where it came from. I honestly do not see Obama surviving financial links to a close adviser of a member of the Saudi Arabia monarchy, not when Saudis were the instigators of 9/11." "Even a slight link to Saudi money would disqualify anyone from the presidency in the mind of almost every American." I agree with Martin that it is a big revelation. But this American news media has already decided Obama is The One. I have little confidence this will make its way into any mainstream media reports.


Citizen Kane said...

Ok, Americans have never given a flying crap about the Bush's direct Saudi ties, but all of the sudden they are supposed to care about two degrees of separation from a Saudi. Well, yeah, they just might. But in light of everything else the public ignores, it would be ridiculous to do so.

Frankly, both candidates stink; but it is very hard not to when they all swim in the same cesspoll of corruption and self-dealing.

M Theory said...

I know how to make sure everyone hears it.

Let Sarah Palin call it out during a live debate.

And citizen kane...Michael Moore made a whole movie centered around the Bush family ties with the Saudi's and the democrats loved it...remember it?

Chris Worden said...

Hoosiers for Fair Taxes:

Democrats did love Michael Moore's work because it highlighted the blatant Republican hypocrisy of talking tough on terrorism but acting only selectively against it. C.K.'s point is probably that if the type of DIRECT connections Bush has with the Saudi royal family never caused concern for Republicans, how can this indirect support for Obama cause any concern?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Bush's ties to the Dubai emirates bothers me a lot and I've said as much in the past. The Bush family has close ties to the Carlysle Group, which seems to make a lot of money influencing American foreign policy in the Middle East at the highest places.

artfuggins said...

The Bush family's ties to leaders and countries who are not our friends is what has gotten us deeper into this oil mess. The Bush's just keep getting richer and the rest of us just keep getting poorer. I bet when Obama wins that the Saudis will be sad that they no longer own the president of the United States.

Unknown said...

I think the salient story here is Obamas Harvard education being paid for by a whitey hating Black Muslim radical...not so much the Saudi royal family connection

This will have a negative effect on Obama if it makes the email lists and blogs...which it most likely will

The mainstream media was fully in agreement with the massive amnesty was due to the massive outpouring of anger via emails, faxes and phone calls which shut down the Senate swtichboard.

Numbers USA membership alone has increased dramatically since then.

The mainstream media is losing power while bloggers, media websites and email lists are gaining strength

Buzz said...

I hope that you passed this information on to the powers that be in the Republican party. Although it is probablly too late, now. People should know about Obama's history. It is very relevant.

I feel pity for all those Americans who have been hoodwinked by Obama and his cronies. How brief has been his apprenticeship for this job!!! God help you all if McCain loses!

kearts said...

My dad always told a story of bringing two ants into the classroom and he would rub their heads together and watch them fight instead of listen to the teacher. Seems to me that "they" narrow it down to the two that "they" want us to choose from. Republicans distrust Obama, for good reason, and Democrats distrust McCain, for good reason. Palin was pulled into this simply for a "check-mate", and now her family is being shredded by the media, and meanwhile, here we are, the minions, heads rubbed together, fighting each other, while "they" are lining their pockets secure that we're so distracted and don't know what the heck is really going on.

WAZANTME said...

I am sure this is an old post but all I can say is that at least Bush or no other president has ever bowed to a "Saudi King". If there is anyone who cannot see the "writing on the wall" here, they are a pitiful, naive, gullable fool. That bow was not an accident like the white house says. He didn't bow to the Queen or anyone else. He bowed to his king plain and simple. wake up people before it is too late, if its not too late already

daniel john said...

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