Monday, September 01, 2008

Anatomy Of An Obama Smear From One Who Would Know

Long-time Obama critic and author of "The Man Behind The Mask", Andy Martin, says to make no mistake that Obama is behind the Palin baby smear stories despite his protestations to reporters today to the contrary. Martin tells it like it is:

Make no mistake: The Obama smear machine is real. His campaign manger David Axelrod is one of the greatest smear artists in the history of modern American politics.

Obama smears anyone and everyone who crosses his path. Smears are an essential part of the Obama campaign. Several weeks ago, Axelrod floated the first smears about John McCain. Look for more of the same.

Me? I have been smeared by Obama for over a year.

One of Obama's favorite tactics is to use the mad billionaire George Soros as his "front." Soros in turns farms out his malignant propaganda operation to tax-exempt organizations that sling the ----. Obama has tried to smear me using disputes in a quarter-century old lawsuit. For the record, both as a public interest advocate and private litigant I have been involved in a lot of lawsuits, and I have won landmark public interest cases, as well as using litigation to expose and embarrass corrupt judges, see for details. Obama has never apologized to me for his dirty tricks operation against me.

None of Obama's smears against me have any anything remotely to do with the facts I have exposed about his sordid history in the sewers of Chicago politics.

Did the anti-Palin "baby" smears originate with Obama? Indeed they did. Obama is lying through his teeth when he denies responsibility for attacking Governor Palin's teenaged daughter and, through her, her mother.

This time Obama's smears appears to have backfired. And he knows it.

Anonymous smears that cannot be sourced to the Obama campaign have, sadly, become an integral part of his political operation. That's the way they do things in Chicago. They are a standard part of any David Axelrod operation. Obama also uses left-wing toadies in the media, such as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, Alan Colmes of Fox news and Chris Hayes of the Nation, to crank up the noise level of the smear machine.

Obama is also a master of disinformation. He produced an anonymous "genius" that claimed to have "researched" the origins of "Muslim smears" against him. The Washington Post's "investigation" pointed at me, but could find no evidence I had done anything wrong. I had not. Nevertheless, the Post saw fit to publish a nearly full-page story on the "investigation" by Danielle Allen although she too was using tax-exempt facilities to conduct her "research."

After I directed pointed questions at Allen, she disappeared and has not been heard from since. The Washington Post has not apologized to me for being duped by Obama. I continue to write the truth, and carefully fact-check, my claims about Obama.

See more on the Obama connection to the Palin baby smear story at Redstate blog.


Anonymous said...

He cited to so much fact, it must be true. What load a crap. It was not a smear. In fact, it was common knowledge to most everyone in Wasilla, Alaska. See:

The GOP is just trying to make it look like Obama smeared Palin in order to get disaffected Hillary supporters, and then some. Way to keep those talking points going.

Bart Lies said...

The last paragraph of that Time story really shows how foolish are the people trying to make something of nothing.

"People in Wasilla are Alaskan tough, so not only does a thing like teen pregnancy not seem like anyone's damn business, but it's also not seen as the calamity so many people in the lower 48 might think it is..."

Anonymous said...

Well, number one, it boasts outright on Time-Dot-Com that they are inpartnership with CNN.

Number Two - there's only a photo on the Campaign announcementon August 28th - with no Story underneath. Are they having a re-write? It'd be appreciated that you use an independent website as your support source.

Up to this point, only McCain has more to the straight & narrow when it comes to running for President. The Obama Camp, however, is even refusing to debate on WGN 720 and lying to their own Email List on whether they've been offered the option of debate any accusations made.

It's bogus to think any credibility exists with a Nominee who insults his own supporters by outright lying to them, by email or otherwise. It's called talking down at people. Treating them as if they couldn't possibly be smart enough to know what should be done.

Question becomes: Are Dem Voters actually smart enough to know when they're being had by their own Politicians.... or Nominees? Sadly.... seems not.

You would think that based on the Mission Statement alone, Dem Voters would DEMAND a higher standard - of their own Politicians, that is!

Too bad the reality is... the Mission Statement comes with a boot on one's neck at the same time!