Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"No Fancy Home" Sullivan

Having heard Democratic state representative Mary Ann Sullivan's campaign commercial playing up the claim that she "had no fancy home growing up" about fifty times already, I thought I'd check the Star's property tax base to see what kind of house she's living in now. She and her husband, Brian, an executive with Shiel-Sexton, own a home at 315 W. Walnut valued at $489,700. Her opponent, Rep. Jon Elrod (R), owns a home at 425 Orange Street valued at $32,600. Can we just cut the crap about candidate's homes and move on to substantive issues? Does it matter if Mary Ann's parents had a 3-bedroom ranch on the Eastside and Elrod's parents had a several-acre farm homestead in Perry Township?


Vox Populi said...

Funny how the guys on your side of the aisle thought it was a big deal when John Edwards and Al Gore built or purchased large homes, or when John Kerry owns 5 homes, because it made them out of touch.

But when McCain or Elrod get hit with the same attack it's unfair and poor taste.

Anonymous said...

The world's luckiest politician also owns homes on Prospect, Morris and Chester streets. Don't feel bad for the guy.